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Out Today! After You're Cary Allen Stone

"I always respected you, Dr. Binghamton." 
"Thank you, Richard."
"Now, let's go so I can meet Beverly."
The bright polished steel of the knife in Richard's hand caught the light from the kitchen windows and flashed like a strobe light in the darkness. Both men moved out and around the car to the side door entrance to the kitchen. Beverly was there to greet them.
Just as the doctor was about to introduce Richard to his wife, Richard sliced Binghamton's throat. He dropped to his knees and then forward to the floor. Beverly screamed and backed away, but Richard pulled her close enough to drive the bloody knife into her neck. He pulled the knife through her throat and decapitated her. Her lifeless body with the dangling head dropped to the floor next to the doctors. Both victims bled out in under a minute.
"My apologies, Mr. and Mrs. Binghamton,I'm in a fit of a rush and don't have time to discuss my errant ways."
It's best fried leaving a little
pink on the inside and served
on fine china...
Richard stepped over the bodies and searched the residence for any others, but found no one, not even a cat. He went through the house and pulled down every shade. The television repeated the news of his escape and said what to do if you crossed paths with the psychopath. He paused to see if they mentioned covering your neck...
"So, what's for dinner? I'm famished"!
Richard separated the two bodies and studied them side-by-side. He thought about the Filet d'Binghamton he planned to dine on that evening. It had been a very long time since he had taken one life, much less two.
"She's a little younger than the doctor, um, chicken, or steak? The doctor has a few more years of tenderizing and a few more pounds. Ah, he'll be the main course, and she will be dessert. Do I dare spoil my dinner by having my dessert first? I've been in that institution for thirteen long years. I believe I deserve it..."

After You're Dead
A Jake Roberts Novel

By Cary Allen Stone

Hannibal Lecter fans will consider the latest novel by Cary Allen Stone a must-read! For those of us who love Jake Roberts, we can consider this a must-read... I have to admit, though, that for me, Stone's Hannibal character was decidedly...disgusting... Fortunately the worst is in the early pages.... And Richard Graham, the worst of the worst, who had been assigned to a clinic-type environment rather than jail, had successfully escaped--by merely walking out of the building along side Dr. Binghamton... You have to admire the brilliant breakout Stone has provided for us... as we read how Richard makes his escape out of the country...

Still, readers find that the preliminary pages lead to a later quite satisfactory encounter for our friend Jake Roberts! A twist that provided a quite satisfactory solution of revenge Jake needed... And that's all the time I'm willing to give our escaped psychopath with a desire for dining on his own...kills... 

I'm not a suit. I'm just a cop.
Katy crawled across the bed
and looked at him with
sympathetic eyes. Her breath
was warm on his face. She
licked his cheek, once, twice,
to let him know she was
there. He grasped her and
held her close....
Caught in a nightmare revealing one of the his fears of losing loved friends, Jake woke up and looked over at his best friend, Katy.
Jake had lost too many friends and still was not over how Caitland had been murdered. 

Jake had a hard time, sometimes, adjusting to the fact that he was no longer a cop--that he had business concerns that must be attended to while most of his friends lived in the building where his company was located. Except for one--Pablo, who led the largest gang in Arizona, the MexiKings. And it is Pablo who has come, seeking help that he feels only Jake can provide... Pablo's wife has been kidnapped and is being held to force Pablo to enter into a business liaison with the top, and most dangerous, drug lord now in operation!

Jake knows it is a potential deathtrap, but once again Jake's deep feelings and love for his friends become the driving force. Thinking of how Caitland was lost to him, he can't help but feel strongly that Alanna must be saved. He has to try to prevent more dead loved ones...

Entering into the opulent fortress of the drug lord was heartbreaking for me...How can these criminals continue to operate and turn our children into addicts without being destroyed by American officials, is what I want to know each time I think of this deadly disease running rampant across the world...

Jake takes on the role of a mafia criminal who is now in a maximum-security facility... and he and Pablo are to make contact with El Mencho--an articulate, disciplined, educated, and dangerous man... Pablo had told him he wanted out when he learned that El Mencho wanted Pablo's soldiers to be drug traffickers in the US! Then El Mencho had countered with his kidnapping and bargaining chip...either Pablo did what he wanted, or...Alanna would be killed...

This latest novel is edgy, filled with tension and suspense. Jake and Pablo are playing a very dangerous game, because Jake has kept this operation a purely need-to-know. That means they must make it out on their own. But how? 

Readers worry along with Jake's friends, especially Katy, as she knows something is very wrong, but have no idea where he might be. They think he is with Pablo, but that doesn't help when no type of communication works to get to him...

As readers quickly turn page after page, we begin to wonder whether this is the end of the Jack Roberts Series! Even Jake, Pablo and Alanna had given up, knowing they'll never be able to get out of this fortress...

This is a thriller that is well worth reading, even with the gore! If you haven't read Jake Roberts, I can tell you that earlier books I've read: After the Kill, After the Goode, Mind Over Murder, and the Debut, After the Evil, which has already received over 2100 hits here, has certainly provided a lead-in to this latest! Even the horror has led to, perhaps, one of his best so far... Each of the books are able to be read as stand-alone, but my recommendation would be to do what I did...start at the first book and have a Jake Roberts reading marathon! Good Stuff!


Cary Allen Stone spent almost forty years inside the cockpits of corporate jets and airlines, and because of his career in aviation, he acquired a unique perspective on life. He was fortunate in 1992 to fly Ridley Scott on a location scout in the islands. They talked about writing and building an image inside the words. Mr. Scott was quite a mentor. Cary graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts. He's been involved in feature films in LA and Indie films in Phoenix. He's done voice-over radio commercials and stand-up comedy. For “Stealing Atlanta,” he received the endorsements of Clive Cussler and Tim Dorsey. He is a proud male member of the Phoenix Writer’s Club begun by women reporters in the 1920s. His Jake Roberts Novels are exciting crime fiction thrillers.

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