Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"The Blood Moon Kiss," from Oysters and Pearls by Mitzi Szereto

 BORN MAY 3, 1824 

Before this fully registers in my consciousness, I note another inscription directly below it.  

BORN MARCH 17, 1817
DIED NOVEMBER 28, 1853   

He reaches up behind his neck to unclasp the gold chain he always wears. That’s when I notice for the first time the locket that hangs from it. I can’t recall ever seeing a man wearing a locket before, but then, Talen isn’t like other men. He clicks it open and places it on my palm with great care. “Adelina,” he says softly. “My wife.”

The Blood Moon Kiss
A Short Story from Oysters and Pearls

By Mitzi Szereto

I have often found that reviewing an Anthology is not a satisfying experience for me...mainly because you can't dwell on any particular story for long. So, during this spotlight author event, I decided to share a couple of the stories to give you more of an understanding for  the Oysters and Pearls Collection...

The branches of a weeping willow caress the dark grass as gently as a lover’s fingers. The artificially enhanced moonlight above illuminates the leaves with a silvery cast that’s almost ghostlike as Christine moves into place, the cool night mist swirling around her bare feet and ankles. She’s wearing only a nightgown, knee-length, pristine white, the fabric so gossamer that little is left to the observer’s imagination. She’s naked beneath it. 
“Action!” shouts Mark Gaitzberger, director of “The Blood Moon Kiss.” 
Strong male fingers reach out from behind, seizing Christine’s long black hair and pulling her head back to expose the vulnerable flesh of her neck. An arm appears from the same direction, fitting her waist into its vise. Her nipples stiffen as she feels a hot mouth fastening onto her jugular, followed by the pricking of sharp teeth. 

Talen Dashkovar.
God, even his name is
 enough to give you
 goose bumps.
Christine, a young actress, has been called by her agent to play in a hit television vampire series...and she doesn't even have to audition for it... Living in Georgia doesn't get you too many options when you don't want to leave the state. Besides, the lead male was really hot, although she didn't figure she get anywhere near him...

And her she was going to play against him?!! She never even got to rehearse with him, meeting only his stand-in. She'd heard he was not feeling well and when she had seen him, he did look pale...

And then the big scene... they saw each other, she stood spellbound as they gazed at each other, Meridian, the role she is playing is lost... But, so is Christine...

And she almost squeals out the "Yes," when he asks her to go for a drink after the performance...

I feel myself being bathed in a
 green fire. “I love you,” I say. 
Talen studies me with a serious
 expression, and several moments
 pass before he finally responds.
 “But do you love me enough?” 
Readers begin to question whether the scene is being rehearsed or whether the two are sharing time together... But, when "Cut" is called and the action doesn't end, well, then the rest of the actors and crew just...leave...

As they grow closer, he takes her to the cemetery, showing the grave of he and his wife--when they died...

Christine, later that night, looked into her bathroom mirror and noticed...she looked exactly like his wife...
Is it all just a television series? Christine has always dreamed of the lead player in the past...is it all just her imagination? If so, then, why did she???

Look for another short story from Oysters and Pearls next...

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