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Phantom: The Immortal - The Story Behind the Erotic Sequel - by Mitzi Szereto

Phantom: The Immortal
The Story Behind the Erotic Sequel

by Mitzi Szereto

It’s hard to believe that Phantom: The Immortal has been ten years in the making. My co-author Ashley Lister and I kept getting involved in other things, and our project got lost in the fray. But we finally put our heads together and said, “Let’s finish this book!”

We were both quite keen on the idea of writing a contemporary sequel to Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera. When we initially began work on our novel, pretty much no one had done any kind of sequel or re-imagining of Leroux’s classic. In our case, we didn’t want to do a re-imagining. 

We decided to take the main character and fast-forward him to the here and now, adding in subtle paranormal themes that suggest immortality and reincarnation. We decided to take on the roles of the two main protagonists: the Phantom and Christine Delacroix. I’d write one chapter as Christine, with Ashley writing the next as the Phantom. We continued like this, switching back and forth until the book was completed. We even structured the novel into “Acts” and “Scenes” to give it that theater feel.

In Phantom: The Immortal, the Phantom has lived beneath the Paris Opera House all this time. Suddenly a beautiful young soprano who’s the mirror image of his beloved Christine DaaĆ© shows up for an audition. Obviously, he must have her at all costs. 

I don’t want to give too much away by telling you how he goes about it, but it’s safe to conclude that our Phantom isn’t exactly shy about letting his desires be known and making them come to fruition. And it’s all in the name of art, of course!

Phantom: The Immortal is erotic romance, Gothic romance, paranormal romance and even romantic suspense. We hope everyone will enjoy reading our novel as much as we enjoyed writing it!


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