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Book Readers Heaven Looks Back...and Forward... What's Happening!

I can't believe how fast time flies! And yet we are about to start another year... For me, I live a very different life than all of you, I know, so that time only moves when I'm not in the midst of a book! Which is rarely! 💖 Seriously, if somebody had asked me, I never would have projected that I'd be spending retirement doing exactly what I'd love to be doing... And can you blame me, check out just the top 10, purely by hit count, from this past month...(sorry, the numbers may not have come out right...first is 845, etc. divided on two lines! Geesh!)

Dec 21, 2016, 

And thanks to all of you, coming in from all over the world, this past month!

                         United States
United Kingdom
South Korea

I get such nice comments from many who have appreciated my reviews...But this one certainly caught my attention...It's nice to know that my reviews do help, even though most professionals say reviews are not part of the marketing effort and should be written objectively, which I happen to think I do, at least for the majority of time... And others I tell you about,😏

USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list ranks the 150 top-selling titles each week based on an analysis of sales from U.S. booksellers. Contributors represent a variety of outlets: bookstore chains, independent bookstores, mass merchandisers and online retailers. 

Hi, Glenda If you look on the Amazon USA site and search "New York City Medical Thriller"  see what book comes up first.  With a bit of a boost now sales might really start taking off - very exciting!  Thank you for your helpful review.  :)


William E. Rubin Author of the medical thriller, Forbidden Birth

I always wonder what differs each month to result in the 40-50,000 hits each month, especially those that are seen across the world... For instance, I reviewed two books from an Israeli author this past month so know that brought in visitors from that country... Still, it's fun analyzing information from various sites... For's the year from Pinterest:

Book Readers Heaven's year on Pinterest
Cheers to you! This year, you saved 11,776 Pins, driving great awareness for Book Readers Heaven. Here are some more fun facts about your year on Pinterest:
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Can a single picture pull in readers? On Tumbler, I create a collage of what pics were used on a specific review and that seems to bring it followup hits... Anyway, I had a discussion with an author recently that was worried about reaching 100 reviews--apparently Amazon has that as a cutoff for some marketing activity. Do you think the number of reviews affects book sales? I sure would like to hear your comments!

The election activities this year have been upsetting to me as well as many others... How did we get to a point where the two candidates were rejected by many... It feels like the nation is divided once again... I was thankful that Harold Michael Harvey shared with us yesterday... It is important that we who care continue to speak out and talk about what is happening...and do what ever we can do to ensure that the United States does not go backwards, even further into chaos and trouble... Regis Auffray send a video that spotlights what we need to always remember...

My Resolution for share that all people are the same inside... as shared by Regis Auffray, Contributing Poet

I continue to be overwhelmed with requests for much so that I can't keep up with even the mail...Please understand that it is not that I don't want to read your book(s), it is that I simply can't due to time...

Problems with ebooks continue to be an issue. Many of you are now using other places to share your books and expecting the reviewer to handle the downloads and arrangements necessary to get them into a readable form...  Each time a different type of transfer is being made, first I must learn it, sometimes sign up for a site I don't want to belong to, and then download. This means that every single ebook must be handled two or more times and copies are retained in multiple locations... Windows has recently put restrictions on not being able to simply load a file into a reader (don't ask me why I don't know)... Not even a message comes up as to why they really aren't transferred... Each time this happens, it takes time away from actually reading the book...and, frankly, gets put back on my TBR stack until I have the time to figure out how to deal with each type of problem... Frustration has been high and becoming higher. 

Please be aware that paperback books will continue to be a priority... Now, second priority will be gifted Amazon ebooks since they are loaded directly on my selected read by that company. I know this appears to be a problem for many of you...However, this is the only, logical, process that I can use to save my time from having to handle files that are sent. Pdf files continue to be lowest priority. If you expect me to take that file, expect to have it as a low priority request.

If I cannot figure out how to deal with alllll of the variety of problems that I must to deal with ebooks, I will have to stop accepting any ebook requests that are not gifted (or scheduled to be free on a specific date when I can get them)... Any ideas on how to improve that situation would be appreciated... I would like to be able to accept all requests...but it's impossible...

Reading Thirst right now...reminiscent of books by author Nevada Barr...loving it! Precious Jewels is coming. Carole Roman has a different type of children's book out, unique and new material...Then I'll be reviewing the latest books from Adolph Caso, Steven Manchester, and Gwen Mayo and Sarah E. Glenn, and Sandy Nathan submitted MindSpeak HeartSpeak from her Bloodsong Series...all print books... Many ebooks have been submitted...I'll try to get to as many as possible... Know that if you are requesting a review that it is a long wait...if you submit, you must recognize that... Thank you for placing me in this situation! I just wish I had more time... 

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