Monday, May 30, 2016

We Will Never Forget...Memorial Day, 2016... Guy Graybill Shares One Story...

Battlefield Reunion
(Gettysburg, 1913)

Here we meet, don't you know? Comrades, now without foe.
Here we camp and recall battle scenes.
Now we sit by our tents, to compare past events,
As we feast on a soup made with beans.

Here we laugh and we sing while we have us a fling,
For tonight we will not have a care.
Yes, the kettles will steam and old comrades will beam,
While the mem'ries of combat we share.

So, we mingle, with pride and take again in stride.
Soon our spirits are fully restored.
Of our nation we brag and salute us a flag.
Then we pause to give thanks to the Lord.

But, I voice my dismay at the closing of day,
As we rest under moon's gentle light:
Should we not shed a tear for dead comrades, so dear,
Who still haunt our old campground each night?

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