Friday, May 20, 2016

Joe Helms Provides Thoughts For Your Weekend in The Drift, the Shift and the Gift...

The Drift,  the Shift and the Gift

As you grow up from childhood
You have hopes and dreams that are only good
But as you grow into your teens
In the years that are in between.
From being a child to a growing adult
There can be events that put those dreams on halt
As in my case my first major goal was dashed
Just out of high school my dreams became ash.
Because this was my first experience I gave up
My dream had died as if it was corrupt.
So as a young adult I started to drift
My dreams like sand in my hand began to sift
Job to job, position to position whatever life would throw
Then came a car, marriage, then a child, then a house, 
really in life what did I know?
This happens so subtly, it can loll you to sleep
The drift will happen and your dreams it will reap
You find yourself settling for second best or what is found
And you wake up one day and your dream is not around
I had succumbed in life, what was the use?
And resided the fact that my ways were obtuse
For many years, I reacted and took life as it came
But awareness came and I realized, 
that I was the one to blame,,,
What I am saying it is no myth
With all cost you have to avoid the drift
I understand life happens and sometimes it is bad
But I say hold onto your dreams and you’ll be glad
The ups and downs of life can wear you out
Especially if you don’t understand what life is about?
Like a ship without a sail, life happened to me
Tossed and thrown by circumstances, how could I get free?
Sometimes there are seasons of life that seem out of control
They can steal your dreams and you can wonder if you are whole
What is life about and why am I here?
Great questions to ask yourself, when life seems drear.
Pay check to pay check and day by day the years roll by
Become aware of the drift before you die
Aimlessly going through life, how can one get free?
I want to give you hope, because it happened to me.
It took forty-five years but I finally found out
This thing called life and what it is about.
But how did I escape and break away from the drift?
It was not easy but I made a mental shift.
It took awareness and that is where it can start
When you learn you become, 
the thoughts you constantly hold in your heart.
So choose wisely and guard all of your thought
Because in them your life is wrought
Understanding this you can avoid the drift
It takes practice to experience the shift
So keep your thoughts positive and always on the good
This is a truth that must be understood.
Your thoughts produce after their like kind
Negative to negative and positive to positive, 
keep that in mind
Your mind is likened to the soil and your thoughts are your seed
So think on purpose that which you desire and you’ll be freed
My life was transformed because of the shift
The ability to choose your own thoughts, which is the gift
Life is but the perspective you think upon
This truth is something, one must get a grip on.
No one can make you think thoughts but you
So use this gift wisely and choose this truth to review
It is your thinking that adds meaning to your life
So choose wisely to avoid the strife
Your life is what you think of it and that is true
Honestly my friend there is no one to blame but you.
So change your thoughts and all will become new
The Creator truly has given this gift to you.

By Joe Helms

Copyright 2014

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