Sunday, May 22, 2016

Adolfo Caso Shares Thoughts on Capital Punishment and Guns...Reblog/Expansion - Adolfo adds on Second Amendment


Capital punishment!

the carry‑over

of past social savagery

into our modern



"I will not have

any part of it,"


            the shopkeeper

while surrounding



G U N S  F O R  S A L E

"If you believe

and want them
I will keep an open mind

so long you're



Capital Punishment,
A Second Amendment Clarification

The Founding Fathers--they themselves of the people, wanted to be sure that the very people continue to have certain natural or inalienable rights, among them being: 1) the use of certain weapons for self defense and to access food sources from activities such as hunting, and, 2) to create a Militia with appropriate weapons for their soldiers to defend the people at large from internal or external rebellions and invasions.
     The intention was not to grant private citizens the right, to access at will, personal weapons and military-type weapons at the same time.
     By allowing citizens to purchase--legally, attack weapons such as assault rifles, is a misunderstanding and an out-and-out vitiation of the Second Amendment. Worst, it is a blatant and purposeful breach of our Constitution by our legislators pushing agendas for personal gains at the expense of the people at large.

The last several days, we all have been going through a horrible turmoil, related to terrorism. Far too many politicians are placing blame on the gun themselves and not on those who use them to do harm especially to innocent people.

"My heart is very troubled over the continuous killing by terrorists of so many innocent people."

RocknRolla| Lou Reed - The Gun
The man has a gun
he knows how to use it
Nine millimeter Browning
let's see what he can do
He'll point at your mouth
say that he'll blow your brains out
Don't you mess with me
carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
carrying a gun
Don't you mess with me
carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
carrying a gun
Don't mess with me
ooohhh, carrying a gun
Get over there
move slowly
I'll put a hole in your face
if you even breathe a word
Tell the lady to lie down
I want, ah, you to be sure to see this
I wouldn't want you to miss a second
watch your wife
Carrying a gun
shooting with a gun
Dirty animal
Carrying a gun
carrying a gun
Watch you face
carrying a gun
Carrying a gun
carrying a gun
The animal dies with fear in his eyes
with a gun
Don't touch him, don't touch him
stay away from him, he's got a gun

Complementary videos selected by BRH for your consideration
Personally, I don't mind the Second Amendment...but..Without punishment for criminals???

I think many of us have been shocked with continued violence...
Adolfo speaks out further
I find more videos that concern me greatly...
What can we do???!

Did I really read it right? Republicans think everything is alright
while Democrats do sit in???
Something is verrrrrrry my opinion...

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