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Angelica by Aimee Marie Bejarano...Alternative History of the Night Jesus Was Born...

“This night was different from other nights at the inn, because unexpectedly, it was full. Usually, at that time of year, my father said we had rooms available. But, this night was very peculiar. People arrived all night, searching for a place to stay but, there was just no room left in the inn.”
 “My father’s inn was very large. There were five extra rooms, besides mine and my mother, and father’s, which adjoined the inn. I can still see the large dining area and sitting room, where we spent countless hours together. All were built by my grandfather, who has since been laid to rest. It was a cozy inn and the guests who stayed with my mother and father, always expressed how much it felt like home, during their stay.” “The guests were served hot bread and cheese with wine and fruit. I can still smell the freshly baked bread and hear the sweet voice of my father calling me to the dinner table. Oh the laughs we had together. My father could make me laugh and laugh.” 
“My mother and father were very content when the guests were satisfied. But, their happiness ended that night, as they continued to send others away, for lack of room. The only place left was a stable where the animals slept. And no one wanted to lodge in a stable.”
“Sitting on a chair in our kitchen, my mother held her bulging belly, knowing full well, that something was wrong. She was in her seventh month and the physician said she was in good health, even after  complaining of headaches.” “Father was a bit delirious, trying to run the inn, while keeping his eye on my mother. She slowly moved onto the bed, for comfort, placing her hands on her belly. Feeling the weight of the child, pressing into her ribs, she quietly prays, ‘Lord if it be your will that I should live, please let me live. But, if I die, please watch over my child, with Your ever watchful eyes.’ ”
“Beth, it will be okay. I sent the stable boy to get the physician. He should be here soon.” The expectant, nervous father spoke out. 
“Something is wrong, Phillip. I can feel it. Oh God help me!” Suddenly, a gush of water pours onto the bed, as Phillip rushes to his wife’s side. Beth begins breathing and gasping, trying to cope, with the pain of birth. She grips at her gown. There is a sudden knock, at the door. Phillip wipes the sweat from his brow, with the cloth in his hand. He hurriedly places a bowl of water, on a small table, near the bed of his wife which will keep her cooled down.
“Good! That must be him, Beth. Now, now don’t you worry… it-it will be okay, my wife. You just lay there.” With a worried pain, in his heart, sinking deep into his chest, he runs toward the door, expecting to see the face of the physician. “Here he is!” 

 Surprised and dismayed, he gazes upon a young man, strong in stature, standing at the door, also seemingly desperate. “Who is this now?” Phillip thinks, as he peculiarly eyes the stranger up and down. “Well? What is it, sir?! My wife is with child and I have no time for this! The inn is full!” He exclaims, snapping at the young man. 
The anxious young man seems to share Phillip’s feelings of worry, while catching his breath. “Please sir, are you the inn keeper?” Hesitantly, he speaks softly.
 “Yes, yes sir that is me and I am sorry if you are here for a room. I have run out tonight, as I said, and quite unexpectedly. It seems we are overcrowded as it is!” Phillip exclaims excitedly. “Oh, so there is no place here?
Well, I need a place to go, you see, I have a…” 
“Sir, I am sorry. You look like a nice young man. I would allow you to stay here, with my wife and myself, but she is about to give birth. We are waiting for the physician right now!”
 “Your wife is about to give birth? Sir, please, is there not anything? My wife has been riding, on the donkey, all day and she is about to give birth as well!” The young man fears, trying to keep his composure, as he wipes the sweat, from his eyes, with the end of his head wrap. Phillip furrows his brow, skeptical at the young man’s truthfulness. “Well, where is she?” Phillip asks, testing the man.
 “Over here, sir!” The young man grabs onto Phillip’s shirt, yanking him out of his house, in a panic. There, an even younger woman sits, upon a donkey. Phillip’s eyes widen, gazing at her large belly. The agony on her face shows the young man is telling the truth. She is in labor, and the desperate young stranger will take anything the inn keeper can give him. “Sir, is this your wife? Are you responsible for this young woman?” Phillip asks, glaring and pointing his finger at the young woman sitting upon a stout donkey. 
“She is my wife, sir. Please! Is there not a single place we can go, in Bethlehem? My wife Mary needs to lie down. For tonight she will have our baby!” Filled with compassion, Phillip pats the young man, on the shoulder, smiling reassuringly. 
“I have only one place and it will have to do. Wait here, I will return.” Phillip, alarmed, runs back into his house and rifles through his belongings. The only clothes he can find are white swaddling clothes, which he grasps quickly. “I will be right back, Bethy!” Phillip hollers, taking hold of a lantern and makes haste outside, while some in the inn begin to fall asleep. “This way! Please hurry, I must be with my wife!” As they walk, a large, bright star unexpectedly settles, in the sky, over the stable. It is the most beautiful star Phillip has ever seen. “It seems I do not even need the lantern. The strange star above is keeping our little town well-lit outside.” Phillip mentions. Bringing them into the stable, Phillip guides the young man, who carries his wife, in his arms. “Now, this is all I have. I do apologize. But, given the conditions, it will have to do. I laid out new
hay and the stable boy cleaned it today. If you need anything else I will try to help you. I can inform the physician, when he arrives, to check on you. Is that acceptable?” Phillip hurriedly questions, thinking of his own wife. The animals in the stable are very restless, from the noise and laughter in the inn, but as the young man lays his wife on the bed of hay, the animals instantly are tranquil and sleep silently... 
“Thank you, sir. This will be fine.” The young man says, kneeling by his wife. “Thank you, sir.” The young woman says. Her glowing face remains joyful, in the midst, of the pain of labor. 
“I will leave this lantern, with you, in case you may need it. My name is Phillip and I will be next door in the house, by the inn. Now excuse me. My wife is in need of not only our physician, but me, by her side.” 
“I am Joseph. Thank you...

You Have Chosen Well

By Aimée Marie Bejarano

Many of us know the story of the birth of Jesus--how there was no place in the inn for Mary and Joseph and how the Innkeeper took sympathy on them and led them to his stable, asking if that would be satisfactory...

But there was something else happening that night and I'm sure you've never heard that story...It was recently written by Aimee Marie Bejarano... A beautiful Alternative History book that is well worth your attention. You will meet Angelica, a child that was also born the very night that Jesus was... and immediately became who could have been his very first follower outside of his family...

In fact, you will meet her first at the end of her life. She has been jailed for being a follower of Jesus and will soon be stoned to death along with many others who were condemned by Saul of Tarsus...

I have enjoyed alternative fiction from time to time; however, never as much as this one. The difference in this book is the inclusion of two additional people. The Innkeeper's wife, who died that night, and his new-born baby, Angelica.
The first major difference we see is that, because of her mother's death, the Innkeeper must provide for the child that night. He will be able to find somebody tomorrow, but, tonight, Angelica must be cared for... There is only one answer...

An hour later, the physician returns to the house. “Phillip, bring the baby. Come let us go to the stable.” Phillip picks up the baby, who has now awaken, crying from hunger. He wraps her in a blanket and follows the physician to the stable. As they walk in, the baby stops crying.
“Now, the shepherds have already gone. The young woman, named Mary, agreed to help you with your baby tonight.” The physician is thrilled he has found a way unknowing it is God who has done it. “But… she must rest. She has a child of her own. I cannot intrude on them.” “Phillip, all is well, come.” The physician welcomes his unsure friend. Phillip is nervous, but notices the Babe asleep, in the manger. The lantern he had left, shines dimly on the beautiful sight. Mary is leaning against a mound of fresh hay. “Sir, I understand you have lost your wife this night and for that, I am exceedingly sorrowful.” Mary speaks sweetly. “Yes, thank you, but when the physician told me how you wanted to help, I did not want to intrude seeing you have a Babe, of your own.” Phillip says, a little apprehensive. “Sir, for all the kindness you have shown us, and unto the Lord, I would be glad to help you this night,” Mary smiles. “Oh thank you. And rest assured, I will have a nurse maid tomorrow for… well, I don’t have a name for her it seems.” Phillip leans over and carefully places his daughter into the loving arms of Mary. “Oh she is beautiful. She seems angelic, like an angel.” Mary holds the baby, in her arms, rocking her sweetly back and forth. She caresses her face then touches her tiny hands. “My wife too, had the face of an angel. She was angelic.” Suddenly, he is inspired, by the words. “Then that is what I shall call her, Angelica.” “That is a lovely name, Phillip, just lovely.” Joseph says. “Our baby is to be called Jesus.” “Yes, that is what the Angel spoke to me. Jesus is His name.” Mary agrees...

By the time Angelica is old enough, she fully understands and is committed to finding and following Jesus. Thus begins her travels, first to find Jesus and then follow him... It is then she finds a man baptizing others in the river. At first she thinks the one baptizing is Jesus... but then meets John the Baptist...

And so her journey begins...

I was amazed and believe other readers will be too, that the additional person sharing what she saw brings a whole new perspective on old stories that we have heard over and over. Angelica is actually, writing the story in prison, so that we are moving continuously through the happenings--through the freshness, the amazement and the recognition of the grandeur as Angelica first experiences all that was being done by Jesus...up through and including his death and resurrection.

One significant thing that was added, which greatly improved the story, was that the prison guard who is now involved in fulfilling the demands of Saul is the guard who was at the cross that day, and won the robe of Christ... Now we watch what happens to him as he comes face to face with one who will not renounce Jesus and stands strong for him, even to her death...

And to perhaps hear God's voice saying, Angelica, you have chosen well...

Looking for a new, fresh perspective on Jesus' life, then this is for you. There has been no changes to the Biblical stories. Yet the addition of another baby that night results in a glorious look of that special night and following years so long  ago...


Aimée Marie Bejarano is a YA Author of inspirational, historical fiction and paranormal thriller/horror novels. She's a country girl living in the great state of Texas. Aimée's a musician and loves her four legged children. Her enjoyment is in cooking, and gardening. Aimée also has a small farming business beginning with her beautiful fowl. Her inspiration comes from the Lord and enjoys good books, movies and things of the supernatural and paranormal. She loves taking walks and playing with her children outside. Writing is not only a calling but a means to get away into the world of imagination. Aimée is an ordained Reverend and loves the youth, personal prayer and welcomes prayer requests.

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