Thursday, December 10, 2015

Winding up in Australian Brings Santa A New Friend and Helper! Delightful Christmas Story by Jonathan and Hugh McCauley

And they were suddenly in the sky “Wow!” exclaimed Katy “I've never jumped this high or this far on one single hop like this”

“It's because you have a pouch full of Magical Elves and Reindeer” Santa replied. “You'll be able to hop over the highest mountains and across the widest oceans”

 WHOMP! Katy landed loudly on the first rooftop. “Here” Santa whispered “put these on” “What are they?” Katy asked.
“Christmas Stockings” Santa replied “If you have these on nobody can hear you at all. That's why I have everybody hang them up on the Fireplace Mantle for Christmas; if all the boys and girls put these stockings on they would be able to sneak up on me while I'm delivering toys and presents. If a boy or girl ever sees me delivering their present, no matter what is, no matter how much they want it, that toy or present won't bring them any joy or pleasure.
Katy put the Christmas Stockings on, and at the next rooftop, instead of WHOMP! It was shhhhh..

Katy the Kangaroo
 Saves Christmas

By Jonathan and Hugh McCauley

I have always wanted to visit Australia, so I was very happy to learn about the exciting event there when Santa was in serious trouble! You see there was really a lot of snow this year, but with extra hard work and help by many, Santa was ready to leave Christmas Eve... But the deer were already sniffling and it began to snow again...Soon, the reindeer were so sick that they couldn't help drive the sleigh. One by one, they had to climb into the sleigh! But that would soon begin to be too crowded since all the presents had to be kept in the sleigh also... What would Christmas be without the presents! They had to land to figure out how to proceed...
A-choo! A-choo! “Yep, that's Blitzen alright,
and it sounds like he's getting a cold”
 Blitzen was Santa's favorite Reindeer –
he was Santa's very first reindeer, when Santa
 only needed one Reindeer to pull his Magic Sleigh.
 But now, with so many children in the world,
 even with 9 Reindeer he had a hard time getting
 to each child's home. Santa knew he would have
 to get a couple more reindeer soon.


The noses of the reindeers were bright as Rudolph's, but it was from their sneezing so much! Santa gathered the deer around him trying to keep them warm...But now it was so bad that not even Rudolph could lead them to fly through the dense snow...

But at least when they had landed, Rudolph was able to help Santa look for help.

Only to be surrounded by... Dingoes (which are Australian wild dogs!)
And these animals were not thinking of inviting everybody home to celebrate with them!

What was Santa going to do?! His reindeer were so sick that they would not be able to pull the sleigh...and the sleigh was full of toys that needed to get to all the good boys and girls around the world...

Can you guess what happened, based upon the title of the story!?

Now I couldn't help by add a little music and a few pics as I always do, but this book is a read-aloud 24-page Night Before Christmas storybook for the whole family and you also get another book which you'll learn about at the end! What a nice present, isn't it?!

The story is very well done and has sufficient flavor of Australia to give it an extra-special touch... After all, many of us have never even seen a kangaroo, but now we can thank Katy for saving Christmas this year! Find out how in this wonderfully delightful tale from down under!

Oh and by the way, Katy sent me the following song about how more kangaroos got involved with Christmas after she saved it...But they only do special runs for the children there in Australian. LOL Boy, wouldn't that be funny to see?! Six of them...and White! Now, I didn't even know there was white kangaroos, so I looked it up! Here's a real picture! Learn something new everyday, don't we?"


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