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The True Christmas - Poetry by Margaret Ponticel from God's Potpourri...

The Birth of Christ, Federico Barocci, 1597

The True Christmas

About two thousand years ago,
God sent His Son to earth.
He came in the form of an infant-child,
Virgin Mary gave Him birth.
Born in a poor humble family,
This Prince from high above,
Born in a stable, with a manger crib,
God's greatest gift of love.
Little we know of His childhood,
But He came to pay the price,
And to seek and save that which was lost,
This child, called Jesus Christ.
He was known as the Gentle Carpenter,
According to God's great plan.
He rebuilt a temple in three short days,
With power unknown to man.
His chosen were twelve poor disciples,
Who followed Him day after day.
He taught them His Father's works.
And told them, "I am the way."
From sick minds He cast evil spirits,
Cleansed lepers who lived in dread.
Made deaf ears to hear and blind eyes to see,
He even raised the dead.
Do you really enjoy the true Christmas?
Did you know we're all born in sin?
Do you have the peace and contentment,
That's yours if you just receive Him?

-Margaret Hicks Ponticel
From God's Potpourri - 
Inspiration Poetry by His Poets

Stained glass window in St. Denis Basilica, Paris; circa 1100

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