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Have a Merry Christmas with The 3 Monkeys in Christmas Treehouse!

One morning a package was delivered to The Three Monkeys Treehouse! It was full of things they'd never seen before, but soon learned that they were to brighten up their home with a Christmas Tree! But these Three Monkeys, named, for Booey, Fooey and Hooey, lived in the jungle! Where would they find a Christmas Tree? This first story tells what they did to find a tree!

What’s a Christmas tree?” asked Fooey. 
For, you see, the three monkeys
 lived way in the Jungle.
 They saw a lot of trees there,
 all kinds of trees. 
But a Christmas tree?
They looked and looked, finding a Banana Tree, and other trees that grew in their jungle but they couldn't find any that seemed right...until...

Christmas Treehouse

By Rob Natiuk

The ingenuity of the author in creating a series about The 3 Monkeys is simply outstanding. Although this is the first I've read, there are four other books with a general theme--this one called Christmas Treehouse. This book has 4 monkey tales: The Christmas Tree Hunt, Joyful Jungle Bells, Grandpa Monk and Sunny Paws, and Laughter the Day After. 
All of the stories are created for interactive respo with a reader asking questions! One of them asks the reader to laugh like a hyena, for instance! But the part I enjoyed the most was that familiar Christmas songs have new words--suitable for the animals in the jungle! For instance, Jingle Bells becomes Monkey Bells in "Joyful Jungle Bells."

In this story, Three Monkeys also learned about the real meaning of Christmas... At first, they had heard about the Christmas tree and singing songs and how you would open presents from under the tree. Soooo, they had all gone to town to buy presents for their best friends--themselves! But before they got home, something changed. Can you guess what they did?

Monkey bells!   
Monkey bells—
monkey bells— 
Monkeys all the way. 
Oh, we’ll monkey all around 
Like circus clowns all day.  
 Monkey bells— monkey bells—
 Monkeys all the way.
 Oh, we’ll monkey all around 
Like circus clowns all day.

They also sang another song, with new words to be learned! Because Rudolph lived in the North Pole instead of the jungle... So they used the same tune they were just singing and told about monkeys!

“Dashing through the trees, 
Swinging vine to vine. 
Red-nosed monkeys everywhere
 Are doing mighty fine 
Swinging vine to vine.”

And with the Rudolph tune, they tell about Sunny Paws who, by the way, leaves a rotten banana to monkeys who have been bad...

Sunny Paws the green-eared monkey
 Had two very cheery ears. 
They were just like cucumbers, 

Making many monkeys cheer.

I thought the way of converting things children already know into a totally different setting was very clever and not only a learning experience about those animals, because readers will be meeting many different friends of the Three Monkeys, who live in the jungle, but also such fun to have different words to sing to familiar tunes...  But none more strange than Sunny Paws! And his, ah, zebras... Oh, Yeah, I figured Sunny Paws probably had elves too! Don't you think?

And then Booey, the little girl monkey started to sing a solo! And it was about Sunny Paws! Can you guess who Sunny Paws was for The Monkeys?!!

Here comes Sunny Paws! 
Here comes Sunny Paws! 
Right by treetops high
White stripes on black
 And black stripes on white 
His zebras fly on by. 
Hoofs are kicking, 
wheels a’clicking
 Oh so merry delight! 
Hug your blankets and get all sleepy
 ‘Cause Sunny Paws comes tonight!

The book takes readers from hunting for a Christmas tree all through the holiday right up to New Year's Day and when Resolutions were Made! What resolutions will you make? 

If you're looking for a Christmas book that is totally different from others, do check this one out... I loved the new songs especially, but children will also be learning about Christmas and how different other people may celebrate a similar holiday. Highly recommended!


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