Friday, December 11, 2015

Smoke and Shadow by Gamal Hennessy Now Up on Adult Blog...

Anthology of missions by "caring" mercenaries related to human trafficking, sex slaves...A time to learn about what is happening to our children and adults across the world! 

Because of the nature of the book, it should only be read by adults...but please, do take the opportunity to face the reality of what could happen to...your...child...

You'll never see them coming... 

In the dark world of espionage, Hamilton Chu and Harrison Trent are secret warriors. Driven by loyalty, excitement, and money, these modern day mercenaries travel around the world to spy, sabotage and kill. 

But how much of their humanity do they sacrifice with each turn of the knife or pull of the trigger? How can they succeed in missions where violence only makes things worse? 

Smoke and Shadow is a new novel in the Crime and Passion series. Fans of The Bourne Identity, Taken and the Usual Suspects will enjoy this international action thriller. 

Please click over now! 

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