Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What's Happening at BRH! Sears and City Bank Won't Talk - What's Happening When Customers Must Correct Mistakes? And Other Stuff Too!

We're all dashing through the days now, as Dec ember leads on to Christmas, right? Well, ok, we may be dashing, but it may not have anything to do with the joy of holidays... So, what's happening here at Book Reader's Heaven? Well the business world has entered to take time away, at least from me...and my reading...

Last month, I spent time praising my doctor for my foot surgery. Everything went fine and I went back yesterday for another checkup, also with clearance... In the meantime, Humana, who carries my insurance, notified me that the bills were not being paid and if I disagreed, I should file an appeal...Cause of non-payment, "Wrong Code..." Now really, if a clerical error has been made, what does that have to do with the patient...Next I get the same thing for the anesthesiologist...again, wrong code... When I got my first letter, I went to my doctor's office the same day and was told they had received a copy and she was handling it... Yesterday, I learned that Humana had yet to return her calls...

Routine business issues, right? Wrong... You see, the CYA principle applies...Humana tells me I have so many days to appeal...Wait a minute! What am I appealing? Oh yes, Humana wasn't happy with the choice of medical codes chosen by the billing office, so I have now become involved because "they" are representing me???

And then there is Sears Versus City Bank...
Me? I bought a refrigerator from Sears. I told the salesman I would going to pay for the refrigerator. The man immediately said that if I had a Sears card I could get a percent decrease--even if I paid it off... Long story short, I accepted.

Sears sent me a bill; I paid it off... 
Sears Master Charge--City Bank sent me a bill... I didn't initially realize it was a different account... City Bank sends me a late fee letter. Sears sends me a credit for my payment...

Finally "I" realized that there were two different accounts established for the same purchase. I called to point out the error...to both companies...

What happened? Why, the customer is now charged with the responsibility for correcting an obvious clerical error. Has to be since City Bank won't work with Sears to get what they consider their money...Yikes! Can you believe this garbage... Yet, I'm the one being harassed because Sears somehow posted one purchase to two different accounts!

Soooo, I have to ask, does this kind of stuff happen to you? Seriously, let me know... I know I'm not the only one that finds bureaucracy in today's business world...just...crazy! At one point yesterday when I was in the store, I was told this was for my protection to prevent fraud, etc., etc.  I said, so we honest people who pay our bills have to go through this hassle to prevent criminals doing their work... Excuse me, doesn't that mean that the criminals are in control of the corporations???

Thanks for letting me explain where my time has been taken--trying to get up from a chair, where I'm reading, set it aside to get to a phone call, only to see that it is the same number but has hung up, sure does disrupt my concentration! Finally, I did get one call, explained I couldn't hear, so hold on while I turn the TV down...and she was gone...but at least I now knew that it had been City Bank harassing me! Honestly, I have the bill that was credited for paying for the refrigerator, the check would be available from my bank...Yet, Sears and City Bank won't talk so I'm placed in the middle...to "prove" I'm the person who foolishly bought at refrigerator from Sears and foolishly allowed a salesman to offer a discount for putting it on credit... through both Sears and City Bank!! Now one has the money and the other wants it! DUH!!

So how has your holidays begun.  We postponed Thanksgiving since my brother-in-law was schedule for surgery and my great-nephew had developed pneumonia...The surgery was scheduled for today, but was again postponed... How are emergency surgeries decided, don't you wonder???

Steve, my new friend and helper is building a new fence coming into my cabin, but weather forces sporadic work...This will be a return to the type of fence that was originally there but had deteriorated over the years...I'm so enjoying seeing the Cabin come back to "life" with his help! My great-nephew took pictures when he was here recently so I'll share them when I get copies...

When a middle-aged clinical psychologist
begins working with a client describing
bizarre mystical experiences, his own world
changes radically, taking him on a
breathtaking journey through divine
consciousness into the revolutionary
spirituality of aging.
Also, thanks to those helping me by providing poetry to use during the time I'm reading long books. My last one was over 500 pages...Great book, but that length bogs me down.  I'm now finishing Breakthrough, which will be accompanied by a discussion with the author, John C. Robinson. Quite a fascinating book so watch for it!

Several Christmas stories will be coming...for children and adults alike...Only read one of them so far, but I think you'll be happy with the books. A couple of other children's books looks promising as well...

And, of course, lots of books on my TBR list. I wish I could figure out how to say "NO" and really mean it... All I can do is say I can't read any faster and do a good job of reviewing--my style. I wanted to confirm that I can no longer, if ever again, do a first-come, first-serve priority system. Priority still goes to print books--easiest and fastest way to spend my time. Second priority has gone to length of books, while still keeping my weekly blogging going. Please remember that my blog is highest priority and I could keep it going forever just with my personal library of unread books. 

Book Readers Heaven has a fairly consistent readership, this month 19,196, with the average running 18-20,000. Germany came in with 170 and Japan with 105 hits this month. That audience normally changes based upon the settings of the various books. Picked up a few Twitter fans from South Africa this month with a delightful mystery... and I've just signed on to Visit Italy with the children's series I've been following. A suggestion to writers who set their books out of the U.S. or in a particular State--if you know somebody from those locations, send them a link reflecting the setting of your book as being spotlighted...I've noticed that hits from specific countries always reflect this type of "key word" activities... And remember, if you enjoyed my article, then others might too...so send out the link to your book often in a tweet, on Tumbler, Facebook...all those that are top social network sites...Your friends and potential readers will have a better chance to respond if they send out multiple postings of your review(s).

I do want to help new authors and all those who seek reviews, but it's just me here. I would say I'll return any book that I've not yet got to...but we all know that a copy, electronically, stays right here. So I can only promise that I will never pass on any ebook to others, ever... 

This one's my preference, especially since I can't get out in Snow!

And this one is for those who enjoy snow fun...or memories of the past!

 Hope your time leading through holidays goes better than mine has been...but no matter what, when you get frustrated... Go find a book, sit down and have a cup of tea...and sink deep into the worlds of escape provided to you from my favorite writer--the one I'm reading right now! Yours too? You'll soon be feeling able to get back to the worries of the world...

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