Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Attention: Grandmas and Grandpas...You May be Called On to Save Christmas! Richard J. Gausselin Tells What's Happening in New Series!

"Toys are to be Made
with Hands and Heart"--Santa

All the elves knew Santa's one main instruction--work hard and be happy as you create all the toys for the good little boys and girls! No problem! With the cold and snow and ice outside, they were happy to be warm and talking as they all worked together to make the toys for Santa to deliver all over the world.

How the Grandmas and Grandpas
Saved Christmas

By Richard J. Gausselin

The elves were all happily singing the song that they knew children were singing down south...Santa Claus was coming to this town and that town and would put the presents they had made under each Christmas tree. 

But something strange happened in North Pole... One day the sun started shining brightly--so bright that the icicles and snow started to melt! One elf opened the door and it was already warm! First one went out and even made a soggy snowball and threw it! Soon they were all outside playing

Inside, Mrs. Claus heard the laughter of the elves and went to see what had happened.

"Aw, gee Mrs. Claus,
can't you see the sun
is out? We thought
we would play a game
of snowball..."
Mrs. Claus, who was baking her super-tasty Christmas cookies, watched from her kitchen window as the elves ran into the field. "Oh dear?" she cried. "Something must be wrong! The elves have abandoned their workstations and are outside without coats, hats, scarves, boots, and mittens!" She quickly put on her warm clothes and went after them. 

Heading the line of scampering rascals was Ric, the boldest of the mischievous elves. Mrs. Claus finally caught up with the wee lad. "Ric what is the matter? Why are you away from your workstations during the final push?"

Unfortunately, Mrs. Claus gave in to a short break, but quickly told them to go get warm clothes on so they wouldn't get sick...

You could probably guess that Ric talked everybody into staying outside because it would take too much time to go in and dress warmly... And suddenly a dense snow storm came and they couldn't find their way back inside!

Of course, they all got sick! Santa said they must go back to work, but Mrs. Claus convinced him they had to all go to bed! What was going to happen to Christmas?!
"B-b-b-but Santa," shivered Ric. "W-w-w-what about the toys?"
Don't mind the toys, Ric. I will finish them myself. Now off to bed!"

But Santa checked his ledger of those good children who had still to have toys made for them... What could Santa do? It was almost time for his annual journey!

The paperback book is 8 1/2 x 11 with 24 pages. with the front cover representative of the type of art work that appears as full-pages throughout the book.

The story is much longer than some children's books which have a few words accompanying the picture.  It includes 9 full-page single-spaced typed narrative, and includes detailed description and dialogue to be enjoyed and remembered. Each page is framed in holly and presents a beautiful continuity to the overall quality of the book itself.

This book is first in a series and is more reminiscent of when children received toys and dolls that were made by hand. After all, who better to remember the Christmas of their youth than today's grandparents. It undoubtedly is geared toward older relatives sharing the book with young children in the family, either reading it to them or talking about the story with those old enough to read it.

The illustrator,  Jennifer Downing, is to be commended for her delightful artistic contributions of Santa's workshop, the elves, and all the other characters. The author also acknowledged his collaborator, Chris Gausselin and Mary...also a family member.

I enjoyed the total package--the story, the art work and the presentation of the book itself. It looks to be a professional storybook easily suitable as an addition to your children's library. Do check this one out... and if you are a grandma or grandpa, be on the alert! You, too, may be called in by Santa to help save this year's Christmas! Highly recommended.


Rich Gausselin notes: My childhood Christmases of the 1940s and 50s, when toys were made with hands and hearts, was my inspiration for "How The Grandmas and Grandpas Saved Christmas," As a father of 6 and grandfather of 12, I have enjoyed
reading "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve for over 50 years. I hope both children and adults will enjoy reading my story and make it part of their holiday tradition. "How The Grandmas and Grandpas Saved Christmas: is dedicated to those who believe in the spirit of giving and the magic of Christmas...

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