Monday, May 26, 2014

Wall of Names by Guy Graybill in Whimsy and Wry-- We Mourn Them...

Wall of Names

Most walls are built to separate;
But, this wall's built to bind,
It brings together fallen souls
With loved ones left behind...

This wall will span the ocean's waves.
This wall will span the years;
And, though, it sheds the pounding rains,
It will absorb the tears.

One Man sees others place bouquets
And hears them softly cry,
While making tracings of the names,
His son was one to die.

His son, they said, stepped on a mine
That lay beneath the ground;
But, no remains were gathered then
And none were ever found.

They never sent a body bag,
No 'welcome' could occur.
He held a dismal service; but,
With nothing to inter.

He prays...and hopes to capture, here,
By copying the name,
The spirit of the loved one lost,
That he might hold and frame.

So he will trace the chiseled name,
Upon the sheet it's pressed.
And, if he's caught the troubled soul,
He'll take it home to rest.

And when, someday, we put aside
All campaigns, great and small, 
We'll know the world has finally learned...
The message of our wall.


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