Saturday, May 10, 2014

Name That Tune! Another Song to Sing to Tune of Another...See if You can Guess!!! Whimsy and Wry=Fun Book!

Oh, I met my True Love, and I want you to know,
Down in Villa Nueva In New Mexico
She was born on the Pecos, where cool waters run
And her Pa named her Billie, expectin' a son.
Pecos Billie's the law in this sun-covered land.
Pecos Billie's the lady now wearin' my brand.
I was sentenced to make her my unblushing bride;
Well, I never could run and I sure wouldn't hide!

Pecos Billie from Whimsy and Wry
By Guy Graybill 

Yes, out west if the Pecos, true love is a tort
So I threw myself onto her merciful court.
We too vows in a mission that sits high above
And today I'm a lifer, For Billie, My Love!

Though she carried no weapon, she came to no harm
Billie disarmed the toughest with beauty and charm.
On the banks of the Pecos her law was the best
And my poor heart she quickly placed under arrest.

Well, my heart soon surrendered, with nary a fight
On the banks of the Pecos, one warm summer night.
She could never use handcuffs; but, still,
I'm not free
'Cause I can't break these heartcuffs
that she placed on me!

I had the tune for this poem almost immediately, but I couldn't remember any words other than those at the end of the first I've been humming this tune for hours until I got the first line! So since this was so hard for me, of course I had to make it a little tougher for all of you! So, I added some wedding music to get you more confused...LOL Actually when I saw the name of this classical guitarist, I figured it was a good addition to the article... even though it is quite a different type of music...

Well, did you get the original song identified? If you did, quick, write it down as a comment before you go any further! If not, scroll down and hear the original with different words, of course. Personally, I kinda like the above words better! How about you? Did you name that tune?!

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