Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review Coming - Please Enjoy Sample from Whimsy and Wry by Guy Graybill!

Now that you have the tune in your mind; you can see if I chose the right song as background music to...  By the way you might have already enjoyed this "in the park"  with Andrea Bocelli! It was a great concern and Bryn Terfel sang this beautifully, and slowly, which will allow you to get to know the tune, although most of you will already know it, once you accept the following will fit the tune!

The Old County Fair

Here we meet ev'ry year, with our children so dear.
Here we meet when the harvest is stored.
We bring quilts to display. We bring pastries and hay,
'Cause we all hope to win an award... 

Sydney Royal Easter Show,


Oh, we'll laugh and we'll sing, and we'll have us a fling;
And pretend that we don't have a care,
We don't mind what we say. We're like kids for a day,
When we visit the old county fair!

There's no food can compare with out plain country fare!
There's no wine that can match country brew!
Walk in tents cool and free. Laugh with friends that we see,
Beneath skies that are sunny and blue.

Yes, we'll eat and we'll ride, and the speakers abide,
And find pleasures that all can afford.
Of our nation we'll brag and salute us a flag;
Then we'll pause to give thanks to the Lord.


Yes, Virginia, Country Fairs still do exist, so the pictures are a mixture of the old and the new, but there are always animals, eats, fun and honors... I just might have the blue ribbon I won for bread rolls when I was in the 4-H... Never been to one? Oh my, you're missing a lot! This is an example of the memory-type of poetry included in this nearly 300-page book...the last part including a novelette!  More Tomorrow!

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