Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Apron from Whimsy and Wry by Guy Graybill - Memories and Thoughts of Mothers...

Note the Towell!
Or caring for animals...
Many wear routinely when working even outside
 The Apron

In our kitchen she reigned, a benevolent queen;
Although no royal cape on her shoulders was seen.
'Round her waist was an apron of white, trimmed in red,ut, her housekeeper's apron helped ease
Not of ermine, of course, but of muslin instead.
There were too many duties she couldn't omit;
But, her housekeeper's apron
helped ease them a bit.

With her apron she wiped the spilled stew from the pot;
And she used it to carry a pan that was hot.
She employed it to open a jar, tightly sealed
Or to carry some freshly-picked fruit to be peeled.
She wiped flour from her hands when she baked us our breadf;
From our cheeks she wiped most of the tears that we shed.

Now it's faded and frayed; a few stains it displays,
As it hangs on the peg, near the stove, where it stays.
Alas, decades of time their sweet victim have claimed,

 Leaving subjects to mourn
     and successor unnamed.
Though our sovereign is gone     now, for nearly a year, 
Her old apron might yet... wipe away...
one more tear.


Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers Everywhere!
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