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Very Cool Novel Jaffa Resonance, by Patrick Delaney Uses Sound and Vibrations to Help Find Secrets! Top 10 Favorite!

CatalĂ : Volto Santo, catedral de Lucca.
CatalĂ : Volto Santo, cathedral de Lucca. 
Seven centuries after commemoration to the sea, the Volto Santo revealed its sacred presence off the coast of Tuscany. The holy relic drifted out of a thick sea fog aboard an unmanned sailing ship. Shifting winds held the vessel offshore, declining every attempt to board her. Finally, with divine guidane, the Bishop of Lucca was able to gain the deck of the ship, and there redicvoer the Volto Santo. At least, that is the legend.

The Jaffa Resonance
By Patrick Delaney

Dr. Patrick Delaney is a neurologist and clinical professor of neurosciences--what better way to introduce us to his world than by having one of the lead characters who begins to experience a change around him...What was happening? He was attending Dr. Richard Donovan who had befriended him when Sean Casey had first come to work there. He stopped himself from remembering and brought himself back to the task--"the twinkle that had been Donovan just wasn't there." Casey knew that his friend was no longer in this body. He recognized that odds were against him regaining consciousness...

Casey remained silent in the room. The weight of the ophthalmoscope and reflex hammer in his pocket were a familiar tug at his lab coat. YThe bell of his stethoscope hung snuggle against his shirt. The state of the art ICU bed beeped as it electronically adjusted the pressure contours of the mattress. The ventilator hissed rhythmically across the roo. Telemetry hummed. The blood pressure cuff inflated automatically.
Then it was happening again: the electrical currents around him subtly altered. Sounds and vibrations began to coalesce. Casey's own respirations and pulse synchronized with the rhythms of the ventilator and other life support. The tone without music wasstruck. The pulsating sensation from earlier in the desert returned. Casey was alone in the room, everything vibrating and alive. Then the room expanded offering too clear contours. Yet the closeness remained. It continued for several minutes. He savored it, tuning in his own body.
Cool air fromC the outside corridor brought him back into the familiar bustle of the ICU...


His very essence was here. Nicodemus marveled
at the craftsmanship that had rendered such a
faithful likeness. He gazed at the face of the man
he had known so well, and whom he missed so
greatly. Placing the chalice of his blood within
the wooden carving had been a masterful touch.
An insightful tribute to my friend Jesus, he
thought. And now it was to be hidden within the
sight of thousands, yet wholly

There are just a few ancient history scenes to back up the story regarding the origin of Volto Santo off the coast of Tuscany and then later at the time of Christ's Crucifixion when Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea took responsibility of the body taken from the cross and moved to the burial site.

Although that is not the thrust of the novel, it did clearly state that, for me, I knew little about that time. I recognize that holy books hold much of the story, but there are many small issues that would never come to light without research and expertise of those who have followed up and documented things that happened. Invariably, many of us are met with amazement--and then more questions. But the presentation of background for this treasure hunt was both intriguing and meaningful to any who look to the past for building their lives... Notice in particular the time frames covered in the Prologue.

Casey had been pulled in to the search by Alexis, his friend's sister. When Jose had disappeared, she did what he had told her to do...find his friend, Casey. But as soon as Casey saw Alexis, he had the beginning of a personal reason for helping her...I'll not mention anything further except when you read the last part of the book, I'm not sure I know what happened--is it a setup for a sequel or...

The two contacted the school where Jose was doing his research and found out more about it...then decided the best thing to do was to go where he had last been seen...
But there was a dangerous man they would encounter and who probably was the man who had murdered her brother.. He was known as "Flame in His Face--Guerrero" and he had been identified in a brief note that they found in Jose's apartment...Drugs were only the commercial side of his activities...

Through the vibrations, Casey was able to lead them to the Curandera, the medicine woman, and some of what they told them was that:

"Long ago, the god Itzamana placed the Chiruwi plant in the Earth to make our planet peaceful and good. Itzamana protected and nurtured the plant, as a gift to the first people of the Earth. Just as the people needed the Chiruwi for continued peace and harmonty, the plant as the early sign of the god needed the worship and love of the people...But when the people became consumed with other desires and ambitions, they became less attentive to the gift of the Chiruwi plant. This angered Itzamana..."

But then she told Casey personally, "You brother, are cause and effect...for you know that what you seek cannot be found with logic. You hesitate to search for a vision that is beyond reason. Only by immersing yourself, by plunging into the unknown, will you find what you seek." 

Much was told to them but they still needed to proceed...for Alexis had seen a vision that drove her to discover if it were true!

By the time they had left the Yucatan Peninsula, Guerrero and a number of his men, had followed Casey and then drowned, not being able to escape...

More and more involved, including Jose's professor, were in danger as they got closer and closer. Fortunately, additional help had revealed itself instead of just following them! Good thing because they were headed to Jaffa Harbor to try to review it historically and identify "what went where" at that time...

This has to be added to my top ten for this year... the combination of ancient treasure with the concurrent details of the hunt, plus the background taking us to the time Jesus lived and died was exciting... But add to that a mysterious "vibration" that can only be heard by a few... Whew! So much just has to be followed to get the whole story...else the ending is just too boring! LOL I'm being optimistic and looking forward to seeing more of Patrick Delaney! If you enjoyed the Librarian series, with a mystical, fascinating touch...check this one for sure!


Patrick Delaney, M.D. is a neurologist and clinical professor of neurosciences at the University of California, San Diego. He is actively engaged in teaching medical students and physicians from around the world. The son of a philosopher, he enjoyed a rambunctious childhood with ten brothers and sisters. He now lives in San Diego, California with his wife Tracy. The Jaffa Resonance is his first fiction novel.

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