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Wow! Have You Read Gregg Hurwitz's The Survivor?!

The Survivor

 By Gregg Hurwitz

Wow! No wonder Gregg Hurtwitz is an international bestselling author! The Survivor is a fantastic novel! And the story is amazing! For thriller readers, this has to be a must-read! Need I say anything more?

"Before consciousness there was pain. In the thick
soup of his head; in his feet, cold and numb; in his
thighs, bitten lengthwise as if by a hand saw. The
sockets of his shoulders, tendons screaming. And
his wrists overhead. Oh, his wrists...
"When he looked down, it seemed that his lower half
had disappeared. Incredulous, he realized that his
legs were, bizarrely, encased in ice. Claustrophobia
crowded in on him, and he tried, stupidly, to lift his
feet, to kick, to run, but there was nothing except the
cold cast, enveloping him to the thighs...
"He will make you pay in ways you can't imagine..."
What would you do if you were on the edge, just about to kill yourself? Let me be more specific, you're on the edge of a high building, having crawled out through a bathroom window...

Psyching yourself up to jump...

How would Fate intervene if it just wasn't what was planned for you?

Wellll, how about adding that the edge of the building was just outside of a bank and a robbery was taking place! Glancing down you see a woman has been shot!

Nate Overbay had PTSD which had caused him to lose his wife and child when he returned home. Now he had been diagnosed with ALS! Why not take his life when and how he chose to?

You know, though, he didn't even stop to think about it! When he realized what was going on, he immediately returned inside and takes out each man one by one. He was quickly becoming a hero, instead of a...dead man...

But the last robber alive gave a warning: "He will make you pay in ways you can't imagine." The sad part about that was that the man was right!

Pavlo was Ukrainian, a member of the mob and mastermind behind the robbery. Nate Overbay had ruined his plan. He must pay.

He now had to get the item Pavlo required. It was in one of the safe deposit boxes, as the robbery was just a front for the real reason they had broken into the bank. Overbay must get it or his family would be slowly tortured and killed!

Nate had no clues as to what he was to obtained. All he knew was that they had already broken into his house and his wife's place, had found his daughter's diary, and was using that information to threaten him. Suddenly, there was only one thing Nate knew--they would not hurt his family! Now Nate was the one making threats, " entire life will narrow to the single focus of killing you."

Nate has only one thing going for him. In stopping the robbery, he had become a hero and became known to the police and the bank officials. Now he had to use those connections to discover what it was he must find and then get it out of the bank without getting caught himself! But, will that even be enough to end all this?!!!

Readers have the mystery and suspense of determining what was to be stolen, while we have the action of a fast-paced thriller as provided by this best-selling author of both novels and comics. Many will find this fast-paced adventure so compelling that they'll do what I did--read it into the night and happily go to sleep by realizing what a positively perfect ending provides for reader's satisfaction!


Now Enjoy Lee Child Reading the First Chapter!

Gregg Hurwitz is the critically acclaimed, New York Times and internationally bestselling author of twelve novels, most recently Trust No One, They're Watching, You're Next, and The Survivor. His books have been nominated for numerous awards, shortlisted for best novel of the year by International Thriller Writers, nominated for CWA's Ian Fleming Steel Dagger, chosen as feature selections for all four major literary book clubs, honored as Book Sense Picks, shortlisted for the Galaxy National Book Award, and translated into twenty two languages.
Gregg has written screenplays for or sold spec scripts to Disney, Paramount, Warners, MGM and many of the other major studios, and written, developed, and produced television (including ABC's "V") for various networks. He has also written comics for Marvel and DC, tackling characters ranging from Wolverine to Batman. He has also published numerous academic articles on Shakespeare, taught fiction writing in the USC English Department, and guest lectured for UCLA, and for Harvard in the United States and internationally. In the course of researching his thrillers, he has sneaked onto demolition ranges with Navy SEALs, swum with sharks in the Galápagos, and gone undercover into mind-control cults.
Hurwitz grew up in the Bay Area. While completing a BA from Harvard ('95) and a master's from Trinity College, Oxford in Shakespearean tragedy ('96), he wrote his first novel. He was the undergraduate scholar-athlete of the year at Harvard for his pole-vaulting exploits, and played college soccer in England, where he was a Knox fellow. He now lives in L.A. where he continues to play soccer, frequently injuring himself.
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