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Thomas T. Kemp Shares New Poetry Book...

Poetry I Wrote For You

By Thomas T. Kemp

It seems like I've been reading Thomas' poetry forever... Well, it is well over five years since I met this online poet. At that time, you would often find Thomas in online poetry chat rooms and if you chanced to interact, you soon had a poem coming your way! It was surely his fans that suggested that he compile and publish a book. I've shared my thoughts on that first book. And now he has published another!

Thomas has a gift with words. I don't profess to be trained in poetry and I don't review poetry books often. But Thomas Kemp's words speak to me and will speak to you I believe. His words are beautifully presented and flow as if thoughts on the wind...

He writes of daily activities, but most of the time he's writing just for you... Oh yes, he might have written the poem years ago, but when YOU read it, it will come across as if he were sharing those very words with you. Let me illustrate:

The lawn mowing is finished,
a perfect time to sit and rest now, 
a home can be so demanding. 
My own sweat cools off my forehead and chest… 
with the help of a breath of breeze 
off the blue waters edge. 
Then in a moment on a summer's day,
 the gray and black gather 
and stir the soul of my green pond. 
A fussy white spider comes back
from patrol Across the springs 
of her trampoline web 
And we both discover each other 
before the coming storm. 
Come Love discover me before I go.

For instance, if I were reading the last line in the above poem, I would think it surely should have a little punctuation: Come, Love, discover me before I go. LOL Of course, it is correct as is, as he finishes his daily work and then turns to thoughts that he still wishes for love to enter his life. But, if you're like me, you will automatically think he's written the poem for you and seeks your love...

OK, I might be romanticizing his work a little and maybe you'll not feel that connection I do. But if you're curious about his poetry, just do a search on my blog to read some other selections he has allowed me to share at Book Readers Heaven...I think the key for poetry is whether you enjoy reading it. For me, it's like they say about art--I don't know much about it, but I know what I like... Thomas Kemp shares his life through his poetry. It's written simply, honestly, and openly. We may, of course, interpret it as the reader, and while we might read "seduction," and enjoy it that way, he is sharing a secret, special part of himself. You may come to know him as a friend, like I do, and never have any other interaction with him except through his words...

A truly gifted storyteller, his poems are simply short stories or part of a conversation he's having with you. Highly recommended... Oh, and he includes two excerpts from upcoming books!

Come, readers, discover me, Thomas T. Kemp... He wrote his poetry for you...


About the Author:

Freely I admit my mind was a desert and I had no desire to write poetry. A desert can be beautiful I know, but my mind was without any separate place for green gardens or empty streambeds. I was just not interested in words. My one and only girlfriend had died at seventeen; killed in an automobile accident and I had become a devoid abandoned young man. It was as if I never had any attachment to a living thing and nothing could help ease my grief. Then one of her best girlfriends who had always accepted me and who had a gift for putting me at ease told me. She bluntly said to me, Nancy saw something in you Thomas. When we talked, she would tell us girls that you had a quality in your voice and it was like Poetry. Did I, it was kind of her to say so; it pulled me back from the sorrowful edges and help me to focus again. On a winter Sunday morning, I wrote my first poem. It was about burning an old Apple tree in a beautiful grand fireplace and going outside in the cold raw wind to watch the smoke come up the chimney. I guess that is when I learned that words are capable of healing as well as hurting us. Poetry chiseled away the pain word after word.

"Thomas Kemp is a sixty-seven year old divorced man and the father of two grown sons, a daughter, and two lovely daughter-in-law's. He started writing poetry for his own enjoyment when he was nineteen years old and a Marine stationed in the Far East. When asked what compelled a young service man to write poetry he would say “There was something inside of me that made me write every chance I got. I wrote on anything I could find in those days; napkins, coasters—you know, those ones made of paper—even tablecloths.” 

Thomas finally sat down long enough to write his first novel starting in 1993 which he finished and published in 1996—a book called The Road From Here To Where You Stay, a poetical thriller and love story woven within the murder plot of former President John F. Kennedy. Cleverly written to intrigue and seduce? Thomas, as Poet, clearly shows his ability to weave the violence of war and the murder of a president with cleverly placed poems and words whispered among the pages with loving grace and romance. Be enriched and enthralled and read the romantic words from a man who has become a familiar poet to many, who is today called…YOUR POET IS And POETRY I wrote FOR YOU"
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