Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Excerpt From Poetry I Wrote For You... Review Coming...

Did You know that you listen 
with your eyes,  
as well as your heart? 
Your ears were hidden 
beneath your beautiful hair. 
Intently you gather the harvest
 from the world’s deck
 Apples and tomatoes, 
grapes and sunbeams…
words, my thoughts, 
From the mature potted plants, 
It was easy to see them 
all reflected in pools
 of wet dreams. 
Endless blue hot days of July 
With only tears for rain 
from getting on 
to anguished thoughts. 
That was all before 
we waywardly met. 

Before the chilly darkness,
left your own heart
 to flee as metaphors
 from my pen. 
Did I chase you too far?

Thomas T Kemp  

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