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Walter Ramsay's Tucker Lee Anderson is Back to Stop Corrupt Judge!

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Location of Brevard County within the state of Florida (Photo
"Who could have thought, Mitch smiled to himself, that
Tucker Lee Anderson would be the new media sweetheart of Central Florida? Hell, if not the entire
state. Tucker's eye-opening investigative reports into the
growth of local corruption, from past to present, had shocked this quiet, sometimes pretentious community.
"How Tucker came about his information was a heavily
guarded secret--until now. Mitch had planned to let the
secret out; well, at least a little lead of it. The very idea that a prominent figure, a corrupt one at that, had been
brought to his knees because of a dream--yes, a dream--that a small town reporter had had was sure to attract more attention for the paper, as well as, of course, revenue...
The U.S. Globe was one of the biggest gossip magazines
in the United States...but it sold, and sold well..."

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Coastal Access

By Walter Ramsay

I was excited to get to spend some more time with Tucker Lee Anderson, who I had met in Beneath the Dune (check that review). What? You don't talk about characters as if they were friends? That's a shame because it means that you've never taken the time to really read a book, gotten to know the characters, and allowed them to affect you, with you as an admirer Certainly I have and I appreciate Walter Ramsay's bringing Tucker Lee back to this fan!

Tucker has many surprises coming in Coastal Access. One is that somebody wants him dead! And he has no idea why...

Tucker is living on a docked boat, owned by his boss. He has been well-regarded after his investigative report (in Beneath the Dune) and has moved into more reporting than just sports. He even has a new office! But he still has to deal with his boss being willing to place him into situations that he doesn't want...

Now Mitch had leaked to a local news reporter that he was able to gain information and solve some cases through dreams and knowledge provided by his ancestors. Fortunately, when she finally got to talk with Tucker, he took a direct approach and seriously shared his past, causing her to move from the usual "spooky" story to one that was very well presented. That was important because he was on his way to the investigation and writing of a major media disclosure of a local long-term resident!

And a corrupt project that had already begun, in which he was right in the middle! Not only does he not know he's involved, he also cannot figure out what and why "coastal access" was a goal for Judge Arnold Galley and a consortium of local and other businessmen.

Another dream was what started the questions. His dream had been of a beautiful woman with two children walking along a beach in Central Brevard... And then the boys were gone and the woman was frantic, turning to Tucker begging to know where they were... He wanted to know more!

He'd already been talking to Craig, a life-long friend who was now a detective. Things were getting more confused as a man is killed in the woods and Tucker attempts to search his cabin. Not only are they prevented from this by two guards, but when Tucker tries to sneak back--the cabin is gone!

Then his next door neighbor (on his own boat) is also gone and Craig alerted Tucker that he didn't really exist, that there was no record of the man Tucker called Doug and with whom he had developed a good relationship...

And then his daughter gets in real trouble when her boyfriend leaves her stranded in the same area, when she refuses to make out with him!

Problems, information, misdirection--all coming out, forcing Tucker into reaction mode... But he has help, you will discover, as you read this thrilling page-turner that combines the paranormal with local political criminal corruption that ultimately places Tucker in serious danger...

What a wonderful character and series! Ramsay is a dynamic writer that keeps readers working with his main characters in trying to put pieces of information together, some of which goes back to the time of the Civil War! I certainly enjoyed hating the bad guys and even Tucker's ex-wife to some extent...LOL You'll understand that though... The suspense keeps building, while an alligator (with red eyes) even gets into the act. I loved it! If you haven't met Tucker Lee, I recommend that you start with Beneath the Dune and go right into Coastal Access for a Tucker Lee Anderson marathon...


Walter is a part time resident of the Central Florida coast.  He became enamored with the beauty, culture, and people of this pristine area over 30 years ago, and still can't get enough.  He has vigilantly taken the time to delve into the history of this beautiful coast line and incorporated that background into his writings.

Walter spent much of his earlier years traveling the Florida coast from Saint Augustine to Key West from his father's home in Daytona Beach.
When not working on his next novel, Walter enjoys reading as well as outdoor activities that include surfing and jogging.

Walter is married to the former Michele Lee Sperber, and along with his children, they look forward to splitting their time between their homes at the Jersey Shore and Brevard County Florida.

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