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Audio Version of Karin Slaughter's Fallen Provides Great Dramatic Reading!


By Karin Slaughter

I listened to Fallen via AudioGO

Narrated by Shannon Cochran

A note about the narration: Shannon Cochran does an outstanding "performance" as she maneuvers through the many different characters, giving each a personality that we could begin to "recognize." I was amazed at her ability to move from character to character so fluently that there was no disruption to the listener...Shannon certainly added greatly to the enjoyment of this book!

 I included Karen Slaughter as a favorite author many years ago, so was happy to find her audio version of Fallen offered to Amazon Vine members. Listening to the book in audio form was a completely enjoyable experience, although it is not as easy to review, since you have no easy and immediate way to highlight spots within the book--I confess, I've turned down the corner of thousands and thousands of pages over the years, LOL...

Karin Slaughter never fails to provide a wonderfully satisfying read!

And Fallen is just as exciting and intriguing as her readers fully expect!

I think one of the main things I noticed about this novel was that there was no emphasis on one main character. You might say that police officers were spotlighted...but not all of them were "good cops."

Evelyn Mitchell had been an officer but had retired under suspicion. In fact, many of the officers under her command had been arrested for corrupt activities, including skimming money from the various scenes of busts they made. But there had not been sufficient evidence to indict her, although many had felt she was just as much on the take as those who had been arrested. Instead, she had just retired and quietly the whole issue had died.

Except for another cop, Will Trent, who also happened to be now partnered with Faith Mitchell, Evelyn's daughter. Trent had been part of the earlier investigation and had never been willing to accept that Evelyn had gotten off. At the same time, he was committed to his partner Faith. And so when she was faced with the toughest situation she would probably ever have to face, Will was dedicated to help Faith through it all...

Because her mother was missing--kidnapped or already dead. All Faith knew was that she had come home, saw blood on the exterior door, walked in and saw a dead man...on to find a man beating another man. She shot the first man and when the other ran out of the house and fired near neighborhood children, she had killed him. Her mother was gone! She had found her baby locked into the gun storage facility, undoubtedly placed there for safety by her mother as she armed herself. But she had been unable to fight off the men who had invaded her home...

Faith was off the case, SOP for the two kills she'd made...While police officers stayed there at her home to handle the potential call from kidnappers, Faith of course began her own investigation, not sharing what was happening with anybody, including Will. For Faith had discovered that the abductors were making contact with her son via Facebook!

Faith had never believed that her mother had been on the take, so when the investigation turned toward somebody trying to get back some of the money she had earlier stolen, Faith did not accept this as a possibility. She knew her mother had no major source of money! Still, what had been happening in her mother's home? Tatoos on those killed proved that drugs and gangs were involved in this...but how, and why, were they after her mother now after so many years of her being retired?

A delightful, yet heartbreaking side story spotlights a developing relationship between Will and the ME, Sara Linton. Sadly Will is married to a woman with whom he'd had a relationship as they had both gone through children's services. Both had been terribly hurt and Will had once thought he loved her enough to marry. But his wife had never moved past that destructive environment and now was abusive to Will, whenever she chose to come home. Readers will find this love story a wonderful highlight and a needed break in the tension...

The surprise ending caught me completely off guard...I love when that happens! Full of action and suspense, Slaughter covers several important social issues, including child services and police corruption, that once again reveals an excellent and compelling drama that pulls you completely into the tale until the last page! If you haven't read Karin Slaughter yet, try the audio'll become so involved that I guarantee that you'll miss at least one turn if you're listening while driving...Enjoy!

Book received via
Amazon Vine


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  1. Sounds intriguing, and it's comforting to me that you liked the fact that no one character is spotlighted. I like that idea too. And surprises are good. Sounds like one to read.