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Dark Thriller Takes You Where You May Not Want To Go...

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By Zoran Drvenkar

Translated by Shaun Whiteside

I'm not totally sorry I read this book, but I do caution readers...this is a very dark thriller in my opinion. Be advised...

There are, basically, two separate stories that merge almost immediately. From then on, there is constant movement--action, if you will--that allows readers to see each character's "take" on the story. Specifically, the story moves from the point of view of various characters and also moves from the past to the present. If you don't sink into the story, you could become lost. At the same time, sinking into the story may be difficult and chilling...

Four childhood friends, at a specific point in their adult lives, fatefully meet again. Each of them has a past that has left them hesitantly looking toward the future, wondering what they can do. Kris is the one that comes up with the idea...after just losing his job, he nonetheless found himself talking to a woman and helping her through her own problem, sharing the right words that, in truth, should have come from the individual who had hurt her.

Later, as each of his friends arrive at his apartment, he remembers what had happened and realizes that he has a skill, the ability to say, "I'm sorry." And that is how the four go into business--a business, where individuals can pay to have somebody else apologize for something you've done. It was aimed toward businesses especially, such as when somebody was fired...

Without little effort, the business becomes a success!

And then You entered the story...

"You" is the character that hires the company, to apologize to a woman... But when everything is arranged and the trip is made to the woman's home, she is found hung on the wall, nailed by her hands and head... Still, Kris and his friends had been threatened, they tape the "apology" read to the deceased for their client who then adds... Oh, and while you are there...get rid of the body...

"You" begins to tell his story to readers, about how he was once a young boy with a close friend, who called themselves Butch and Sundance. But one day while they were out playing, a man and woman find them and take Butch away. He is returned later, changed... A month later they come again. Sundance wants to go in place of Butch, but they want Butch... They threaten the lives of their parents if the boys tell. It goes on for years...

Readers: Enter cautiously into the world of child physical and sexual abuse and his pedophile companions...

"Then Butch sobbed. Once, loudly. Karl immediately drew a knife from his belt. Butch fell silent. Karl tapped the tip against Butch's nose. He ran it over his cheek and wiped the tears away with the blade.
"Would you like me to pop upstairs to your parents and cut their lousy hearts out?"...

What happens, though, when an abused child becomes an adult?

Can justice occur? Can an apology suffice?

This book is very suspenseful and it fulfills the best of whodunits, simply because there is so much violence. It must be seen as uniquely well-written. Interestingly, in the acknowledgments by the author, you will see: "I've tormented you over and over again with this novel, until you found out how much I was tormenting myself with it and took me aside and told me it would all be OK"...or "I was full of doubts, because you love the darkness and forgive me my evil self..."for the thoughts that shouldn't be."

There are many thoughts that shouldn't exist in this world, especially about what ultimately happens to children. But it does happen and I believe this book portrays what could and probably has happened as a result. For that reason alone, I applaud the efforts of this author. But I can only recommend it to those who are willing to experience what happened to Butch and Sundance... You decide...

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  1. It's definitely interesting--a dark world that shouldn't exist, and that surely does impinge on the world we live in. I might read it.