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A Different Kind of Review - Guest Reviewer - Isis...A Cat Lover Special!

pBlack CatImage by BlueRidgeKitties via FlickrThe Cat, The Lady

  and The Liar

By Leann Sweeney

Good Morning Everyone! My name is Isis... I'm the star of this book and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to tell you all about it! Thanks to Book Reader's Heaven for the invitation...I understand, so well, the phrase at the top of this blog: "Books-Cats--Life is Sweet!" and I just knew when I saw it that I would have a wonderful time visiting! And, of course, I'm so grateful to Leann Sweeney for her wonderful books!

You see, I had been catnapped! Me, the princess of my beautiful estate where my Mother, Ritaestelle Longworth was also having problems. I just knew that they wanted me out of there so they could continue to do their nasty deeds! Mother was not acting right--she acted like when I have a furball to throw up,  moving around strangely, staggering and looking quite pale. Of course you cannot see when I am pale, given my beautifully groomed and maintained black fur...

The Cat, the Lady and the Liar: A Cats in Trouble Mystery
Fortunately, I had been found by a cat-lover! And ultimately I wound up the responsibility of Jillian Hart, who immediately tried to meet with my Mother. What she found when she visited our estate bothered her very much. Mother's assistant, Miss Preston was the only one she was allowed to see! But while there, a noise and voices from upstairs disrupted their discussion and Miss Preston ran to find out what was wrong. Fortunately for my Mother, Jillian followed...

Mother was on the floor, having fallen, with a number of people there trying to get her up. But Mother saw Jillian and although she didn't say it at the time, she recognized her!

Where was I? Well, I was at Mrs. Hart home, having my own crisis! Jillian had placed me in my own room in her basement, which was quite nice, but I didn't want to be alone, so I started to complain--loudly! Well, while Mrs. Hart was trying to talk to my mother, I saw my door slowly opening... I was free!

But, OMG, there were three strangers there, their eyes aglow and watching every move I made...and then they started to close in on me! Well, I had no choice--I ran! Ok, I later realized that Jillian had kids too and we finally got along, for the most least, once Jillian had come home and found me in the hiding place I had used, and freed me...

Days later, my Mother came to get me! Even I was shocked to see her, because she had a robe on and a curler in her hair, like when we are ready for bed! But Jillian was very cordial and welcomed Mother into her home. Only trouble was that when she first came, I, ahhh, had got in a little trouble again and I was caught and couldn't get out!

Well, by the time that Jillian and my Mother had talked about why she was there--Ritaestelle told Jillian that she knew somebody was drugging her and she had slipped out dressed like that purely because she had seen a chance to escape! She had realized what was happening and had stopped drinking what had been given to her, so she was sounding like she used to (even if I couldn't get out and come to her!) Finally, when Mother asked to see me and Jillian came for me, she had to work about 5 minutes to cut me out of that old basket I had gotten stuck in!

In the meantime, Mother had gone outside and Jillian found all the other cats outside along with her! She quickly closed me in, got two more of her kids inside and ran down to help Ritaestelle who was calling her for help. When she arrived, she found Mother bloody and a body was in the water. Jillian quickly pulled her out, discovered it was Miss Prescott, and tried to save her--but she was already dead.

The best decision Mother made when the police came and everybody pointed to her as the killer, was to decide to stay with Jillian and not go back home! She then asked Jillian and her very handsome male friend to investigate on her behalf who was, what they called, gaslighting her, referring to some movie--people talk strangely sometimes! Of course, a lot of other things happened and lots of people were involved, but for the most part, I was happy helping Jillian's friends play tag with all the buttons that  had been delightfully overturned from Jillian's sewing room and with which we played tag with on the floor! But, after all, that activity was what solved the crime, as they we were the real crime stoppers! You'll want to pay close attention to our button chases to learn more!

Who is we, well, of course, I have introduced myself, but Jillian said I didn't need to introduce her kids because Leann Sweeney had already been declared a must-read author here at BRH and her kids would be introduced at another time! So I'll just close by letting everybody know that Mother and I are once again home, where we belong! We are so happy that Jillian cared about us enough to take us into her home and help to have all the dangerous things that were happening come to light and clear my Mother's good name!

Mystery, suspense and finding out whodunit are not things I want to remember, but if you enjoy them and love characters such as me, Isis, with my diamond-studded collar, in the star role, (take a look at my other jewels below!) then surely you will agree with me that this particular book, as they say, is a must-read!
By the way, one thing I learned about and immediately made mother buy was a cat-camera which Jillian used to keep track of all of cool!

Now everybody at the estate can watch me and my star-like antics and nobody can ever catnap me again.....
while I cat...nap...ROFL!

Princess Isis!

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