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Read This Novel Then Send It To Your Congressional Representatives!

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"The sky behind the concise line of gray clouds moving
south above downtown Dallas was a brilliant shade of
blue with not one puff of cloud to blemish its perfection.
The leaves of the large pin oak and Bradford pear trees in
each yard rustled gentle in the slight breeze that coursed
through the air. Everything was green. Everything was
fresh. The lawns were well-manicured, as if the neigh-
borhood were immune to the events that plagued the land.
"No doubt they're in there, Derek thought as he peered
into his periphery at the quality brick homes, all lined with
the distinctive Texas flags and the twenty-nine star red flag
of the Republic. They're in there cowering under their
tables. Red bastards should've thought twice before
messing with Uncle Sam's war wagon.

The Twenty-Nine

By J.M. Richardson

I was happy to have the opportunity to meet Jordan Adams of Winter Goose Publishing online and learn of their new available books. Choosing to read The Twenty-Nine, I was told, "Twenty-Nine is a good choice, as it is a fantastic book! I think this will be a hit and we are blessed to have it. It is a long book but reads quickly and is well written."

With that in mind, I began to read... 

At first, as I studied the cover, I wasn't quite sure what it fully represented, and then as I read, I started to see,  "March, Fifteen months before the bomb." I realized what the cover was--a nuclear bomb--and prayed that we'd never see it in reality!

After a brief glimpse into the heart of the story in the first chapter, as illustrated by the above brief excerpt, the author takes us into the lives of Derek and Kyle, two young boys who were just out of high school--one on the way to college, the other in a dead-end job and thinking of the military as a way to better pay...

It was so routine that it even became a bit boring; the average life we all have faced...

But that was before...

We all watch it on TV, hear it on the radio,  or read about it in various forms. It just occurred recently and we were warned that the federal government would be shut down at any second... We all yawn and go on our way to work, or to wash the dishes after dinner. We all are tired of the constant arguments in Washington and wish all the "crap" would just...stop!

However, in the latest election, a "first" for the United States had occurred. The first...female...had been elected.

"There are those who said...that this day would never come. They said America wasn't ready for this...But this is not a victory for women. This is not a victory for the Democratic Party. This is a victory for all who are tired of the corruption in Washington and tired of their elected officials not working in their best interests, as they were chosen to do. It's for the overtaxed single mother working working two or three jobs...It's for those of you who are tired of decadence on Wall Street and in the halls of the US Congress...It's for the common family..."

"In contrast, the Republicans of the country who had not already turned off their televisions were staring into the screens with expressions of doubt, disappointment, frustration and even malice. For some of them, this was not over..."

"This is a decision that pains us all," Governor Spencer spoke from behind a podium on the front steps of the Texas State Capitol in Austin.

"All of us who are involved in this act are ardently patriotic Americans. We believe in the constitution...And it is precisely for this reason that we have taken this action. Like our ancestors in 1861, we believe that we should remain loyal to our Federal government only as long as they are true to the original concept of our nation...
"It is for this reason that twenty-nine states have successfully given notice to the U.S. government that they are no longer
our lords..."

And so, because of the need to protect the nation, the new President was forced to take action against the new Republic.

Derek and Kyle, forced into a civil war, where they would fight against each other. Pulled into a civil war between the twenty-nine republican states and the federal government.

"One Blue soldier clutched the throat of his opponent pinned to the ground, and then successfully drove his utility knife through the man's chest...
"What the hell are you doing?" his comrade grabbed his arm. "That's Mitchell--he's in your own bunk!"
...A shutter of remorse and sickness to the stomach overtook him. He had just murdered one of his own..."I can't tell who's who!" he answered. "Everyone is wearing the same goddamned thing!"

Readers will enter into a world of devastation--destruction of buildings, statues, stores, and homes...from bombs, from tanks rolling down the streets of America. It might be about places where you have visited, for instance, in Washington D.C., or it might be someplace where you once lived, or have relatives there. Fortunately, neither side of this war wanted to destroy life, but when there is a conflict, there is also much blood shed, no matter how good the intentions were.

You know, I can't help but think that this civil war could be taking place right now... How long can America continue to live with "blind" party loyalty, without regard to the good of the country? This book is a wake-up call, don't you think?

I found the publisher to be totally accurate in his description of this book. But I would also add

As Scary as the worst horror you've ever read...

As exciting as any action adventure movie you've every watched...

As realistic as I am sitting here typing this review...

A remarkable tale of the potentiality--the reality of our future!

Read this book...then send copies to your state's congressional representatives...This is a must-read in my opinion!

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by publisher


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  1. Wow! Sounds very scary. And yeah, sounds like a must-read.