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A Different Kind of Book Review: Guest Reviewer: Owen - A Cat Lover Special!

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Easton gave me a practiced celebrity-greeting
the-little-people smile. Unpack one of those
computers just for him? When pigs fly, I
Unfortunately, it wasn't a pig that suddenly
launched itself onto the conductor's head.
It was a cat.
My cat. Owen.
For a moment Owen perched on top of Easton's
head, tail twitching, like some sort of kitty
Davy Crockett hat. Before any of us could
move, he leaped over to the top of one of the
bookshelves, shook himself and gave us a
wide-eyed stare. What was he doing at the
library? How the heck had he gotten into my
bag without my noticing?

Curiosity Thrilled
   The Cat

A Magical Cats Mystery
First in Series
"Something Whiskered This Way Comes..."

By Sofie Kelly

Hello! My name is Owen and I'm one of the two main characters in this book! I'm the one that...disappears...

Actually, I think I was asked to tell the story about the murder because I set up the storyline, sort of... You see, I jumped and appeared on the head of Gregor Easton. No, it wasn't a head statue, it was the real guy, who just happened to be criticizing my Mom at the time! I had to do something, didn't I?

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat: A Magical Cats MysteryMom had been hired to become the head librarian and oversee a major renovation to The Mayville Heights Free Public Library. It was almost done but the contractor seemed to be taking sooooo long. And that had caused Gregor Easton, a well-known composer and conductor who was guest artist for the Wild Rose Summer Music Festival, to be frustrated because no internet access, as promised in the new brochure, was yet available!

Although things became calm and Easton finally left, Mom was concerned enough to get up early the next day and go to find an independent contractor, Oren, to ask for his help in getting the computer tables put together and try to move the renovation along while the main contractor handled the power. She knew Oren worked mornings at the Stratton Theatre. But she couldn't find Oren right away and started looking. She found, instead, Gregor Easton...He was dead!

Worse, a note was later found that indicated that Mom had invited Gregor to meet her at the Library, where the police found other clues that revealed that he had probably been killed there!
Mom was in bigggg trouble, so Herc and I knew we had to help. We took turns guarding Mom because she decided she was going to try to find out what was really going on since she knew she was a suspect! But while we were doing it, Mom caught on to our secrets big-time! We were busted! But Hercules was to blame! Let her tell you...

"My knees started to shake. I sat down. Hard. Hercules had vanished. He hadn't darted past me. He hadn't run around the corner. He'd walked through a solid wooden door just as if it wasn't there. I could see it again in my head without closing my eyes. He'd vanished through that door and it was almost as though there was a faint pop as the end of his tail disappeared..." Hercules," I called. "C'mon, puss. Where are you?" There was silence and then a faint "Meow" from the other side of the closed door. He was in there. Somehow he was in there. I grabbed the doorknob. Locked. I twisted the knob in frustration. Of course it was locked. The room was part of a murder investigation..."
You all will see that both Herc and I found many clues--even though Mom didn't realize what they meant right away. Then she began to put things together until, wow, a killer came after her! Well, needless to say, we were right there to save her life. While Herc went for help, I took a flying leap--well, let Mom tell you, I get mad just thinking about it!

"Owen appeared in midair, teeth bared, ears flattened against his head. He landed, yowling on [the killer's] head and dug in his claws..." Mom took over once she was able and then help was coming!

I have to tell you, folks, that this was really a very complicated case. The police were trying, and we were gathering clues, but it was Mom who, after her own life had been saved, finally put together who had killed Easton. A truly great whodunit for all you readers!

Oh, Mom thinks that you might want to know a little more about me and Herc. Well, Mom came to visit an old abandoned mansion near to her new home when we were just kits. We recognized her love as soon as we saw her and followed her home! But she didn't know we could do tricks...and, frankly, I'll bet she wonders sometime if we are ghost cats, since that old mansion is supposed to be haunted...

I just know we'll be back at BRH in the future, cause the owner here loves cats too and even collects cat mystery books! How Cool is That! She said to add that this book is highly recommended as a great whodunit, especially for all of you who love cats too!

Thanks for Inviting Me!

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