Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Review: A Second Chance Sometimes Comes!

On The Bluffs
Steven Schindler
The Elevated Press
ISBN: 9780966240818
300 Pages

When you find someone to love, make sure you fight to keep her... Or so seems to be the moral of On the Bluffs by Steven Schindler! Once you read Brian DeLouise's story, I think you will agree!

Portia had been Brian's lover when they had met during a summer at Cape Cod. Even then Brian had been trying to make his way into the entertainment field by working at the summer theatre held there each year. His time with her was precious and genuine, but at the end of the season, Portia had gone overseas.

Brian went back home where Frances quickly seduced him, got pregnant and then lost it, but continued on with him into marriage. During most of the marriage, and especially during the latter years, Frances had cheated on him. Her defense was that he knew she liked to party when he married her, so...

For whatever reasons, Brian had stayed in the marriage, until Frances asked for a divorce...

Interestingly, about that time Brian had become a hero for acting quickly when a mugger had attempted to rob two couples leaving a party...a hero, except in his wife's eyes!

And then there was the fact that he was fired from work!

It was not surprising that Brian started looking backward to happier days... And Cape Cod... And Portia...

With nothing holding him home, given that Frances was already working to ensure she got to keep the house as she scalped (and I do mean scalped...every single hair!) Brian in the divorce he was now anxious to have finalized!

Can you go back? Frankly the first part of the book was tedious for me, totally personal since I, being single, have my own opinions as to what should be allowed in a marriage to make it worth staying. Yes! Brian should have never married the woman!

On the other hand, I loved Portia!

As advertised, this novel is sometimes fun, sometimes sad, but altogether a quite unique love story that deserves attention. You just have to sympathize with Brian and be grateful that he finally took that trip backwards in life!

The thing that bugs me, though, is...Frances winding up with all the loot! Would have preferred this lady maybe met with an accident? Yes, if you love to hate soap-opera femme fatales, then On The Bluffs by Steven Schindler is especially for you!

G. A. Bixler

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