Saturday, August 8, 2009

Writers/Authors - FYI I Didn't Know Fall Was a Good Time to Submit, Did You?


Get In The Race!
Legends of the Fall Rush

Call For Submissions—August 13 & 14:

Dear Glenda, Have you heard the rumors that the publishing industry steps up its game come the fall? That the best time to get published is in the autumn?Well, it's true! The publishing industry is gearing up for the impending fall rush. When summer ends, editors at publishing houses and literary magazines fling open their doors to welcome quality submissions. And literary agents are scouting for the next big blockbuster while submitting their summer acquisitions.
Ready, Set, GO!

Our Review Board will be reading August 13 and 14. Want to take advantage of the fall frenzy? See our submission guidelines.Online submissions encouraged!

The whole industry goes into a frenzy during the fall. And the best part is that YOU can benefit from the momentum by sending your work to us for consideration ASAP.We can make sure your writing gets to the right people at the right time—giving you the edge you need to take advantage of the fall rush. The more submissions you can make before the end of the year, the better!Call For SubmissionsOur Review Board will be reading on August 13 and 14 only. If you would like us to take the frustration out of your submission process AND increase your chances of getting more acceptances, NOW is the best time to get your work circulating more widely.We’ve made it simple for you to send us your work via our easy online form. So do it today, while you’re thinking about it. The publishing industry is at its hottest as the fall weather begins to cool. Give yourself the advantage you deserve and put the cyclical momentum of the industry to good use!Be sure your work arrives in our office by August 14—that way we can be sure your writing is proofread, formatted, targeted, and prepared in time get the early bird advantage this fall.Learn more about our submission guidelines and read submission FAQS here. Great writing only gets published through great submissions strategies. So contact us today!NOTE: If you submitted work to us prior to this call for submissions, please know that your work will be reviewed during our upcoming meetings.

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Ronnie L. Smith, President

Submit Your Work To Our Review BoardFull Service clients enter by INVITATION ONLY. We are currently reading submissions in the following genres: Poetry, Short Prose, Novels, and Nonfiction Books.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES may be found at Submission Guidelines Page.E-mail queries may be sent to Please follow e-mail guidelines.

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  1. Hi Glenda: This is an interesting post. The service is probably something a lot of busy writers aren't aware of. I'll post a link at my site, where your writers might also be interested in J.A. Konrath's free "newbie" "how to" publishing e-book.