Monday, August 10, 2009

Review: Rome Sims - An Adventure in Scientific Discovery!

Inside Awake
Rome Sims
Eloquent Books
ISBN: 9781606939123
161 Pages

Starting with an enticingly beautiful cover depicting an underwater scene, a futuristic ship, and a strange statue, I moved quickly to start reading Inside Awake by Rome Sims.

Near Lake Eyasi, Tanzania, a group of scientists noticed a bright light, but they were just there to collect random blood samples from migratory birds. Then members of the Mamoya clan also saw the pulsating radiant orb. Hunters, animals and the scientists perished as they stood watching it rotate. They had instantaneously died from extreme thermal shock.

Readers meet Dr. David Woodall in a Particle Physics Complex in Switzerland where he is so deeply involved with the "mysterious artifact," which is 13% beryllium, 2% niobium and 85% unknown, he pays no attention to anything else, including his boss who is pressing for quick information!

But, when Geri calls, he finds time to talk...

The major action and adventure is taking place in the Indian Ocean Sunda Trench where Dr. Sharon Geraldo (Geri) and her team are on an oceanographic survey expedition. The research vessel had passed across the Malacca Strait when Dr. Geraldo spotted a huge statue. It had taken eleven years and a billion dollars to build the USS Argo and it was packed with any innovative technology available. And this trip would allow the team to use them fully!

At the same time in Polanco, Uruguay, paleontologists had found a remarkably preserved skeleton of a forty-foot beast as a result of a flash flood. But they also found a grey octagonal-shaped box with strange symbols that resembled hieroglyphs.

While in Antarctica, a giant circle, slightly raised off the ground had appeared since the last site visit two days ago... But one of these scientific explorations has led to the biggest mystery of all. Dr. Geraldo and her entire team has disappeared! At least, they aren't where they landed underwater, in the same year!

The Commission has collected artifacts and relics for centuries--but a woman known only as Madam is now in charge and their activities have become much more dangerous...

The trips to these sites, such as Tanzania and Antartica are wonderfully detailed so that you enjoy the trip as if you were the scientists making these discoveries. Brilliantly detailed, readers are caught up into these individual mystery discoveries. In fact, readers become so involved that they want more...

And that just might be the only shortfall of Inside Awake by Rome Sims. As with many other serial stories, readers are left hanging, maybe even more so in this book because of the various locations and artifacts, which are involved, and being investigated. I would have preferred to have both books and spent the weekend in this adventure...So, Mr. Sims, burn some midnight oil to get The Commission to us quickly! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to Madam!

G. A. Bixler

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