Friday, August 7, 2009

New Book Out: Inside Awake by Rome Sims

Inside Awake
By Rome Sims
Review Coming Soon!

Inside Awake is the thrilling, debut action adventure novel by Romé Sims. Taking readers on a whirlwind tour from Tanzania, to the Indian Ocean’s Sunda Trench, to Switzerland, and beyond, this action-packed taste of Jurassic Park combined with the best of the best governmental plots, will soon be followed by the conclusion of this great adventure in The Commission!

When the United Nations discovered a tragedy of unimaginable proportions, their early investigations uncover a massive loss of life around a lake in Africa; a government satellite links the incident to a radio signal off the coast of Sumatra and a group of scientists and military personnel are enlisted to find out what happened.

Dr. Sharon Geraldo, known as Geri to her friends, leads a research vessel across the Malacca Straight off the Sumatra Island. It had taken eleven years to build the vessel and it was equipped with every possible piece of innovative technology that could be needed to complete their mission: “Inside Awake.” As Geri and her team take their first maiden voyage in the area, Geri spots a large primitive statue and what looks to be some type of structure. That will be their first site visit!

But an unexplained phenomena happens – the team disappears. Actually, they’ve been taken back in time! The excitement during this visit highlights the novel!

During this same period, scientists are being sent all over the globe to investigate disease or unknown events causing death. In Tanzania, three people were burned to death quickly, in a fraction of a second! One of those scientists called back to Manhattan, and disclosed, “Test results from Lake Eyasi indicate positive...”

David Woodall is hired by a questionable organization to find out what really happened. But he is kept away from some parts of the building and from some of the artifacts that have been brought back from various sites. When he discovers that Geri, a friend for whom he cares greatly, has disappeared, he begins to use his own methods for getting what he needs, no matter how well it is being guarded!

Sims’ riveting novel is scientifically superb in describing the land areas, the historical perspectives and the various natural habitats where the scientists travel. Like all serial stories, Sims’ Inside Awake leaves you wanting to move right into his next novel! The Commission coming soon!

ISBN: 978-1-60693-912-3
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