Sunday, August 23, 2009

Review: Romance Novel Set in Amish Country Shares God's Role!

A Man of His Word
By Kathleen Fuller
Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781595548122
292 Pages

Kathleen Fuller’s A Man of His Word is a touching, heartwarming story of love in Amish country in Middlefield, Ohio. Although it includes much about the Amish Old-Order Community, anyone who loves the romance genre will be caught up in the lives of those looking to find a perfect love.

Moriah Byler thought she had found that love. She had known Levi and his brother Gabriel all of her life; however, Levi’s teasing personality had won her heart and they had started to date and finally married. On their fourth anniversary, Moriah planned a special dinner to celebrate and to share the news that they were going to have a baby.

But instead of having that celebration, Moriah received a note from Levi that he was leaving her, the church and the community!

When Gabriel went to visit the horse farm on which Levi had been working, he discovered the reason—Levi had become involved with the owner’s daughter and she was also going to have a baby!

In the Amish community where divorce was forbidden, Moriah was left to salvage her life. Returning to her parents’ home, she attempted to fit in again, but it was difficult. Gabriel had never shared what he had learned about the other woman, but he tried to be there for Moriah and emphasize that he and his father would still be part of the baby’s family, if she would allow it.

Gabriel also had never told Moriah that he had always loved her, but had withdrawn when Levi and her started dating. Gabriel was a good and honorable man and now he wanted to be there for Moriah...

Another romantic drama runs parallel to this story. It is the story of Moriah’s brother Tobias and his love-hate relationship with Rachel. This somewhat funny tale adds balance to the heartbreaking story of Moriah, while Tobias matures through seeing the distress and unhappiness of Moriah and is able to identify how he really feels about Rachel.

Perhaps you are wondering how God fits into the book? Well, He knew the actual plan for their lives, if they were only willing to follow Him. Feelings of anger, hurt, frustration, hate are all faced and rejected based upon the faith of the main characters. Much can be learned about how we, too, might face similar situations.

A Man Of His Word by Kathleen Fuller provides a learning experience for those of us not within the Amish community. But, for whoever reads the is a wonderful novel that highlights placing our faith in God as the primary source as we look toward a mate. Highly recommended.

G. A. Bixler

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