Sunday, February 15, 2009

Guest Poetist - Devitta R. Jones

I am so happy to share with you two poems by a young 16-year-old friend of mine who I met at Authors Den (click the title to go to her site). She has graciously allowed me to share the following two poems which I especially liked!

For Him I Shall Dance

I shall dance...
To dance
is to give my all unto the Lord
But when I dance
I give all and more
when I dance it's just him and I
no other friends
no one implied
to dance
is to show my faith in the Lord
for He is King
the father of all land
and for Him I shall dance.

Giver Unto My Life

You're the provider
The healer
The giver unto my life
For what you give
I shall give 10% plus more
For you have provided and will provide
All the things that I need
For all I have to do
Is call upon your name
for you said
I was the head
and not the tail
you said you placed me above
and not beneath
for you are the provider
and surly the giver
unto my life

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