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Second in Citizen Warrior Series is Available!

The Big River Press News January 2009

Hello Good Readers,
I'm taking this time to send another great recommendation your way.

Book II in the Citizen Warrior Series, HONOR DEFENDED continues the adventures of Major Westfall, a denizen of the Pacific Northwest rainforest who has built himself a wilderness compound complete with hot tub & killing fields, good neighbors & his faithful companion, the three-legged Black Dog.

January 2009 Release
Major Westfall is Back in a New Breath-Snatching Thriller

In HONOR DEFENDED, Book II of the Citizens Warrior series, the War on Terrorism slithers into Major Westfall's neck of the woods when a brother officer, home on leave from Iraq, is beheaded and his wife abducted by terrorists planning attacks his beloved America.

Major Westfall is awakened before dawn one freezing late winter Saturday by a frantic call from an old friend and War Brother. Already in bad mood, he sets out to hunt for those who burnt a woman's house on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, abducted her, and left behind her beheaded Marine Corps husband's body.

On the beach behind the family's home, he finds sign of someone coming ashore on the last high tide. Tracks lead to a pile of driftwood where Black Dog noses out the family's wounded dog.

Putting his ear to the Hoko grapevine, he hears of a break-in at the local gravel quarry where explosives and detonators were taken. A neighbor's grandchild mentions a missing school janitor, and the name her classmates gave him, Aladdin. When the Major takes a sneak and peek he unearths a terrorist sleeper.

Calling in the troops, he prepares to do battle deep in the Olympic Peninsula wilderness where a cadre of evil guys have gathered, intent on creating havoc with Washington State's ferries.

HONOR DEFENDED occurs over one 24-hour period of heart-pounding, breath-stopping action in which old friends are met, new ones made, the young must grow up fast as lives are broken, and the honor of a War Brother and his family is defended.

If you haven't joined the Major before,
check out Book I of the Citizen Warrior series, Honor Due.
Give both of them a read. I know you'll enjoy them!


Hardcover - $22.95 - ISBN: 978-0-9798744-5-1 buy here from Amazon
Paperback - $14.95 - ISBN: 978-0-9798744-6-8 buy here from Amazon
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Watch for HONOR REDEEMED, D. H. BROWN'S next thriller this fall.
The Sex Slave Trade decides the Major's territory is a good place in which to hide its wares. So begins a quiet war that encompasses the whole west coast. If you want to die, abuse a woman.

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  1. Thank you Glenda for the great promo. A review copy will be coming your way as soon as I get my hands on one. Blessings and be well, DH