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On Evolution and Evolvement

On Evolution and Evolvement

By Adolph Caso

I say that life is everywhere on earth, and its derivatives—life-forms or living-forms--are only where creation is possible. There are very few life-forms in the desert but many more in the jungle, because these live-forms evolve to complete themselves through preordained cycles mandated and controlled through their DNA (deoxyribo nucleic acid), with little if any spillage from one life-form to another or from one species to another. The reason for so little spillage has to do with the fact that these life-forms, in their distinctive creation and subsequent evolvement, employ specific types of pre-programmed elimination processes of their own, and it matters little that they may be aquatic or terrestrial, sequoias or homo sapiens.

Think of a male’s ejaculation with only an exiguous percentage of the sperms taking hold while millions and millions are lost or destroyed! Other ways of achieving similar results are through selective procreation or coitus. The Neanderthal did not beget humans regardless of the many missing links found before and after paleontology became a science, and the fact remains that tigers did not then nor do they now have intercourse with leopards. Male rats may rape female guinea pigs and not produce pregnancies. Males on males do not produce progeny, and hermaphrodites are governed by their own laws. Indeed, sperm compatibility’s role controls the birth and the evolvement of living-forms which continue to develop into their various shapes according to how they are impacted by other environmental constructs, including rejection. Weak cubs quickly become prey. Pollination is also governed by similar prescriptive patterns and laws. There is interaction in living-forms but no overlapping, and taxonomists like Aristotle, Linnaeus, Cesalpino, Darwin, Lamarck and many more modern ones, only discover, classify and reclassify living-forms and have been successful in doing only that. Drawing conclusions is a different story, and one can say that Aristotle was right for more than two thousand years and Darwin continues to be right to the present day.

Whereas the biological world cannot exist without chemistry, chemistry stands alone and generates life-forms with the help of conduits such as water. Water dissolves, breaks down and spreads whatever it comes in contact with. Life, therefore, is chemistry (or energy) with the potential of generating life-forms by chance or according to how, where, and when the various parts of chemistry are distributed, re-distributed, or manipulated. Each generated life-form, singly or collectively, has its own span and range of termination and no form ceases by generating another form, including parasites. In cases where this may happen, it is the result of abnormalities doomed to termination or elimination without procreation possibilities or potentialities, i.e. the octopus man, mules, etc.

Mine is a theory of evolvement as opposed to evolution; the former is what we really say when we talk about evolution. We confuse the two because we do not understand the fundamental difference between them. Evolution is a noun without a verb antecedent and is man-made. Evolvement is also a noun but with a verb antecedent and is not man-made. It has been invented as a theory to describe or classify natural processes that may be more complex to the experts than to novices. Evolution was invented and established as a science due to a human need to explain and make sense of things that are incomprehensible, which is what religion does best in its truest form.

We call it evolution because we have not drawn clear distinctions between them much as we have done between life and life or living-forms which are distinct. Man is not a derivate of some other life-form. Monkeys are not derivatives of some other life-forms. Humans are neither derivates of Neanderthal nor of chimps and neither morphed into homo sapiens. When life-forms become extinct, for whatever reason, they stay extinct, and other myriad life-forms miraculously continue to spring up, seemingly without rhyme or reason. This is where God comes in, not to explain Himself through the miracles of Jesus, but to reveal that these living forms cannot be without plan or purpose, and we may never really know that plan or purpose. In view of creation’s enormity, God becomes bigger than we can otherwise conceive and experience.

Because of life (chemistry or energy), living-forms surely are generated in other heavenly bodies throughout the universe depending on the singular amenities present at given times. In their controlled laboratories, human beings continue to create, replicate and duplicate life-forms ad infinitum, and they do it through chemistry. Without it there would be no biology which is represented by living-forms with their variants such as those of human beings. In nature, there’s only creation and evolvement with neither having duplication or replication capabilities, which is done in laboratories—in nature no two snow flakes are alike but in the laboratory, two or more flakes can be alike, much as two cars, and herein lies the role of intelligent design or creationism, which has to do more with man-made evolution than with creation. Darwin continues to have it right: "Generally the term [species] includes the unknown element of a distinct act of creation."

Life came with the earth when the earth formed, in the same way that life goes to other similar bodies that are formed, transformed or destroyed. With the arrival of water and the subsequent settlement of the earth’s surface over periods of time, life-forms appeared and quickly began to implement their designated non-laboratory controlled DNA cycles by evolving, propagating, and dying—first singly and then collectively. That process has never changed, even after discovering that a recently-discovered skull is more than “approximately seven million years old” when it was an integral part of a living-form. Therefore, the following questions may be appropriate:

When, where or how did its generative-determinant sperms emerge from chemistry and evolve through biology into that specific living-form with its particular behavioral patterns?

How long did it last as a chemical-biological species?

And, how and why did it become extinct?

And, did life-forms begin with the formation of our planet earth?

And, is this the time to refer ourselves to God?


Author Adolph Caso, in addition to being Publisher of BrandenBooks, also teaches and serves on the Board of Dante University (Click title for link to Dante University!).

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