Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fat Cowboy - Farce Extraordinaire!

Fat Cowboy
By Rod Miller
Audio iSoap Drama
New Fiction.Com

At the same time that Radio Soap Dramas were very popular, there were also pulp fiction magazines and novels. Fat Cowboy by Rod Miller reminded me of these books, published on cheaper paper with drawings highlighting the storyline for, in this case, “men’s adventure!” For surely Fat Cowboy has the guns and warriors plus that warped sense of humor that keeps the story moving forward to share the “temptation, corruption, and redemption” of con men and criminals.

Miller takes readers deep into the jungles of Peru for his wild, fantastic story. First, let me highlight that Fat Cowboy is indeed a con, a hustler—“a true believer in the principles of unregulated free enterprise, the accumulation of private wealth, the subservience of labor to capital, the ascendancy of the individual over the collective and natural selection.” (p. 15) or making money through any way and every way that will bring fame and fortune...why, he’s even rescued the wife of the vice-president when she was “kidnapped” and discovered in South America. He, of course, successfully brought her back, even if she didn’t want to come and later escaped again!

Aristito Fur is the reason for his safari. This rare, ermine-like animal is known to have the softest fur. And the income for about 4000 square feet of this fur would be a $4Billion annual gross. Obviously Fat Cowboy saw the potential and decided to kidnap and breed these animals. Only issue, the animals are part of a Peruvian tribal religious activity, involving a virgin, so negotiations must be extremely sensitive... And, oh yes, one other important issue is that Fat Cowboy has no plans to raise the aristito himself! So he "manipulates" an internationally acclaimed biologist, Dr. Destri O’Riordan, to accept the challenge of ensuring that these animals do not become extinct, which could actually occur, according to the latest research Fat Cowboy has been able to acquire.

Just a small band of men, plus Dr. O’Riordan travel to Peru, where Fat Cowboy has a contact who knows the chief of the Peruvian tribe, Lydia Pinkham (I’ll let you wonder how and why the chief took this name for his own!). But they were not the only ones who were on their way to Peru.

For Ygal Ben Wa, a Mossad, a totally displaced and misunderstood warrior, had been hired by ConPet, to ensure they could build a oil pipeline across the country! Their target was Zamora and his friendly group of soldiers of fortune and mercenaries known as the Fourth of September Brigade who fought against anybody--anybody with white skin! Interestingly, Zamora’s band of men had visited Lydia Pinkham just before Fat Cowboy’s group arrived. They were the first to enjoy Lydia’s well-known soup that was based upon cooking one human head, along with many herbs and hallucinogenic drugs!

Readers, you are just not going to believe what happened there in Peru! You have to experience this story yourself. All I can tell you is that Fat Cowboy flew home alone and as far as I’m aware, Destri O’Riordan is still in Peru with the aristito...and Lydia...

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G. A. Bixler

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