Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do you Like Movies? Check out Lendaround!

While I have hundreds of books surrounding me on shelves, on the floor, on tables, many of you probably have lots of DVDs! Just as I love books and belong to Book Crossing to donate and/or share my books, many of you may have the same need for your movies!

You may have a couple of dozen DVDs sitting on your shelves gathering dust. They're good movies – not the kind of thing you'd like to sell for a quarter of what you paid for them – but if you admit it, you probably watch them once a year max.

A new site, www.LendAround.com, helps you use those DVDs to do your friends or work colleagues a favor, and get favors from them in return. It works simply – you list the DVDs you own, invite your friends to check out what's on your shelf, and then start borrowing from their collections. The service is free, and your friends can drop off the DVD to you in person, or mail it for only 43 cents using a neat little downloadable wrapper that's preaddressed.

The site's in private invitation-only beta test right now, but I've been allowed to join myself and to let a few of my readers in as well. Just send an email to ipbookreviewer@lendaround.com and you will receive an invitation to join with priority access to the private beta. Please say in the email what kind of movies you like!

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