Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Former Star Trek Character Dies...


Good to hear from you again. just wanted to share that a friend of mine from Star Trek passed away this week...a lady I loved sharing "booksigning" chats with as I traveled about the US to promote my Star Trek reference books. That kind soul is Majel Barrett Roddenberry (Christine Chapel on the original Star Trek series). She was the wife of the creator of Star Trek.

This picture is one such get-together of ours...my Tribute to "Scotty"(James Doohan) book had just been signed by the entire living Trek actors--that's what I'm holding in my hand. Majel will be greatly missed.

I still continue to write for Roddenberry Productions and will pass along to the Roddenberry family all well wishes sent my way.

Hope you enjoy the holidays and have a nice break from work for a time.

I will be working on More Than Angels: Once Upon a Dream (book 3).

Your friend,

Ruby Moon-Houldson

Author of "More Than Angels"--Oprah's Book Club nominated and National Excellence Award winner for Best Fiction.
Ruby knows I'm a Trekkie, so I was sad to hear that another of the original cast had died. It took awhile to look at her picture as an older "Christine" but I could then picture her as she appeared on that early show. Beautiful woman, wasn't she?
Note that Ruby has written books on quite a number of the original Star Trek cast, as shown in her picture above.
When I was asked to review Ruby's first Angel book, I went ahead and submitted my review to her, but then I gathered up my courage to state that I felt that several of her characters sounded a lot like those in Star Trek! Of course she realized me for the Trekkie I am and we started to develop our friendship at that point... How cool is that!?!

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