Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Q&A by Irving A. Greenfield

Q & A

I want to know why I do it?
What drives my need to write?
Neither is in striking distance of my pen
any longer, or if they ever were I blindly passed them by,
or they passed me by for reasons of their own.
No use to rail at La Fortuna.
I wrote and still write without knowing why.
But with each finished piece, like a craftsman, I step back
and take pleasure in what I’ve crafted.
It’s mine,
has my hallmark written into it;
within its scope, it’s my world,
a creation like no other,
a love like no other,
a marriage like no other,
and often enough a misery like no other.
Yet with all of this, I still lack the answer;
but the question no longer matters.
I do it.
Irving Greenfield has written over 300 books and I now have the pleasure of working with him on a new poetry book! Cool!
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