Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Have you seen my work blog? If not, click on the title of this article!

By the way, did you know that you can do that? By merely clicking on the title, you can automatically see what the link is for the article! How cool is that?!

Anyway, once I started to work online with authors, mostly as they requested a book review, I also was asked to do other "assignments." I do a lot of proofreading--I've been told I have the "eye" and so that's what I named that blog and those activities. Please note that the clients I refer to by full name have given me permission to do so...it is also exposure for them!

Your Third Eye! Now there's a little story behind that, so read about VistaPrint on that blog to see how that "official" name evolved!

I'm a professional...in any work I've been assigned to do, I try to do it as professionally and efficiently and as effectively as possible. If at all possible I will strive to respond to a request, within my abilities at any given time regarding the use of the Internet. I'm NOT a nerd, techie, or whatever you want to call a computer expert. However, since I've been working with computers, both mainframe and person for well over 20 years, I have picked up a thing or two about the "possibilities."

What I have found so cool is that, more and more, site owners are making it more and more easy to do the things you want to do. Still, for many who had NO background in using the Internet, it is often mind-boggling. Soooooo, that is how I've come to get lots of "assignments."

Yes, I've also edited and acted as a book doctor, I've also submitted books, acting as an agent (or representative as I chose to call myself since I've always acted as an independent professional within the publishing world.)

I decided to use a blog to help me manage my workload. But rather than keep it as a personal document, I chose to make it a public blog so that, whenever I can, I can share those "little tidbits" of knowledge that I've gained...or, better yet, stir your own creativity to see how I handle an assignment to see if you can use it for your own book activities!

The only thing I request is that, if you would, ask anything about what I'm doing as a comment to this blog...so that others may see YOUR comment and then my response. And, if I don't know...I'll tell you immediately...maybe somebody else will be able to respond, via your posting your comment! And I'll learn also... That's what I do myself!

By the way, I'm an Amazon Associate...I became an associate so that I could learn how to become an Associate for my earlier assignment to create a book blog. My goal in being an Associate is not to make money...I haven't yet, by the way, lol.

I happen to think Amazon has the best site for authors. Others are beginning to improve (I know that because all of my older book reviews on Barnes and Noble, for instance, were lost--did you know that?)So....I'm learning alot about widgets, book linking and other important things that authors can do there to highlight their books!

I learned a new one this morning...how to create a carousel of books chosen by the creator! Check out that you will see I was able to choose client books to place on my carousel...Wow, I love it!

Anyway, I think you get the idea...or I hope you do. PLEASE, I'm having fun with my working blog...so don't expect it to be anything in particular...I've "also" been ranting recently about computer servers!

I also created a cool article for a client, who needed to include pictures, etc. You'll see it there in my blog as I proposed it. The client will then decide whether he wants to change, revise, or begin to share it across the internet.

As a famous television doctor often says, "It wouldn't be fun then..." Well, if you want to have fun while talking about books, gimmicks, widgets, publishing processes, cats (I always stick that in, just in case), come visit and bookmark me...follow me...subscribe to me! Or alllllll three!

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  1. Truely enjoy this feature. I am hoping I can get something like this loaded on my blog. Being a computer dumb dumb I am lucky to just log in .LOL