Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kiss...is a Mind Blower!

By Ted Dekker
& Erin Healy
Thomas Nelson
322 Pages

I love to read a book that has new paranormal “senses” included as part of the storyline! Well, Kiss by Ted Dekker & Erin Healy has definitely created an exciting one! Given the title, I won’t say anymore about that...just know that it is an intriguing addition to this wonderful book!

Shauna McAllister, the main character, has lost a major part of her memory due to a car accident. She is also wanted by the police. At the scene of the accident, which resulted in her brother, Rudy, becoming an invalid, they had found drugs...

As the daughter of a senator who was now a candidate for the presidency, readers would naturally think that he would do everything possible to help his daughter. Not true! When her mother had died and her father remarried, his new wife “took over” parental responsibilities and had abused, and accused, Shauna so badly that she had gone into therapy to try to help her resolve the issues she had with her father, Landon, given his potential future political position.

As Shauna laid in the hospital, recovering from a six-week coma and her other wounds from the accident, she realizes that she cannot remember anything about the preceding time period, prior to the accident. Worse, nobody will share with her about Rudy’s condition or allow her to see him. But there is someone there to see her—Wayne Spade.

They told her he had saved her life...and that they were “very close” prior to the accident, though she had no memory of him. But Uncle Trent and her father’s second wife, Patrice, both seemed to know him. Indeed, when she was able to leave the hospital, she was set up in the guest cottage at her father’s home, and Wayne had one of the guest rooms! Although she didn’t remember him, little by little she began to share and depend on his being there to help her remember.

At least until she began to feel like he, nor anybody else, wanted her to remember that part of her life she had lost. And then they had kissed...

Shauna starts her own investigation into her past life—and I must say that it led to an exciting tale as she traveled and met more people who could feel in the blanks, if she could somehow get them to share with her. Soon she began to feel that what had happened had something to do with her father’s candidacy. And then she met Miguel... And, finally, she found that she was renewing her relationship with her mother’s God and sought His help as she continued searching for her past.

Dekker and Healy have created a fantastic foray into the possibilities of the mind, and, in turn, have provided readers with a exciting thriller that very lightly touches on faith in action. If you’re a paranormal fan, this is a must-read. Highly recommended for readers who love thrilling drama! I loved it!

G. A. Bixler
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