Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm a Groupie for Tommy Petillo of the Duprees!

The Benedum Center for the performing arts in ...Image via Wikipedia
The Benedum Center for the performing arts
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
The picture was taken during the
doo wop festival celebrated in May 2010.
Doo Wop - A WQED Special...and a little more...

Night of the Legends

Featuring the Duprees!

I love the Duprees...but, really, isn't Tommy Petillo just "to die for"? He's the silver-headed lad on the left... Like their Page on Facebook!

Read his story on his site! Check out this wonderful vid he made for his wife...Cool, right?!

One of my favorite (and I am sure many) all-time songs! You Belong To Me!

This last one had a little technical problems...but I still enjoy the more informal atmosphere at a concert...

This has been a Wild Card Selection! What did you think? Wild Cards Officially Start September 1st...see announcement tomorrow!

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