Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Final Reading: Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Juba Apfvarzian

Unbound Boxes   

Limping Gods:

Juba Apfvarzian

By Cheryl Moore

Time Line: 4020, The Sahara Desert

Juba Apfvarzian needs to forget his past. He spends a lot of time taking drugs and drinking with his best friend and fellow drunk Alexand Merek. They met decades ago on a floating asylum ship for the criminally insane. Juba had a wife, Lucy and a son, Ayo, before he went to the asylum. When he was released, he discovered that they had both died of influenza, and he was alone. He and Alexand met up again after her release and discovered that they had a lot in common. Alexand had also lost her wife, Katherine to an unknown virus and her husband Jarad to an unbeatable war. Her son, Sam and daughter, Anastasia had been stolen when they were children. Alexand’s surviving daughter Ancille has grown up and Alexand and Juba spend a lot of their lives trying to run away from bad things. This is one of those days.
My Thoughts: Soooo, we have come to the desert to end our has been anything but "dry" in content! Like a good writer, you have left us looking toward the future...Alexand's son has been found...

Has Alexand gone off the wagon in general, or is this indeed a typical day? Is Juba the influence? Will their meeting in prison be in the first book?

I enjoyed the "bit of underwear" (or some garment) showing for Alexand... The variety of your art is interesting. How do you choose what I consider, in my lack of knowledge, line drawings, such as shown here versus the more indepth closeups such as for your characters used at the top of your pages? I must admit I was blown away by the picture I'm now using to spotlight on my blog showing Eldenath Balsara. It is simply beautiful and reflects a totally different style, it seems to me, than all your own pieces...I love the deep colors, the mysterious tone... Your artistic talent is amazing!