Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fall Selections from Nellie Wasilewski - With Complementary Music... Enjoy!


Brisk air forces the sun

to hide its carefree

summer face.

Lack of light 

Ignites the fires of fall,

leaving a blazing trail 

of vivid colors behind.

Chill winds blow,

carving paths to winter.

September is the gateway

to cozy fires, 

and homemade soup.

A brief respite before 

winter clutches the earth

in its icy fingertips.

*Published by Poetry Quarterly
Winter 2014

Fall on the Mountain 

Mountain breeze begins to blow
bright colors drift slowly down
sunbeam glitter sparks each leaf
silence and peace abound--the
changing season--a  gift from
the Master of all beauty

Nells Wasilewski lives in a small southern town, seventy miles southeast of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Walter. She retired from the mortgage industry in 2011 and began pursuing her lifelong dream of writing. Her writing has been greatly influenced by her faith in Jesus Christ, her own experiences and nature. She is currently working on daily devotionals.

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