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The Ghost of Mavis...A Unique Experience Brought by Mary Lynn Plaisance

"It says right here that you should have married
James Windsor after Charlie. It's written very simple and clear.
Maybe James passed you by and in a split second, you didn't
notice him. That's called missing your lick. You missed
your lick, Mavis. This needs to be sorted out before you
can be reincarnated..."
"Calling Mavis Brook to Corridor M."
"My turn," Mavis whispered as she walked down the corridor. "I have a few questions I hope the angel I get is as nice as Mercy's angel."
"Come in. Take a seat in the white cloud chair over there near the corner of my big cloud desk."
"Thank you, sir. Everything is so white in here. I see only clouds here...and look at me all in white too with this wedding dress and veil. I tried to take the veil off, but it's stuck in my hair. I'm guessing it was a strong holding spray net."
"And... you're Mavis?" asked the slim looking young man who had big wings.
"Yes, I am Mavis. I can tell you're an angel by your wings. They're so big and fluffy." Mavis was so nervous.
"Yes, I'm an angel. I chose to stay here and help the ones who want to go back to earth."
"So, that's how it works. If I stay here. I become an angel? That's good to know. I hope I remember that next time I die...

The Ghost of Mavis

By Mary Lynn Plaisance

If you're confused about what happens when you die, you're not alone. Even Mavis, the main character... And she'd been through it several times before--she'd always been placed with a poor family in the past and this, time, she was going to ask to be born into a rich family...

But that plan, that is already written in the book, according to the angel who was greeting her at the gates, indicated that she was going back... she should have married a second time, to James Windsor, after her first husband, Charlie, had died. Instead she had lived to the age of 88 and had once again said goodbye to the living...

In creating her fantasy, Plaisance has taken considerable liberty in exactly what happens upon death...Basically, heaven is the place where you go, either to stay, or to get reincarnated. In Mavis' case, however, her life plan had been unfulfilled as Mavis. In fact, as soon as Mavis had died, she had donned a wedding dress, appeared as a young woman about 25; and, Danson, the angel, was explaining to Mavis that she needed to go back as a ghost and search out the man she was to have married... A guiding angel would help her during this time period and, once James would be found, Anna would handle the details at that time...

And the mystery begins...

Mavis awakes as the wife of James, married for a year, and we pick up the happily married couple at that time. 
"James, where are you? You know, we need a swing in our bedroom. That would be fun." she giggled.
"I'm right beside you, my darling. Adding some soul to our sensual mood. Hear the music?"
James undressed himself.
There was a stereo system next to the bed and James clicked it on to the tune of Barry White music. She sound was low... but loud enough to hear...My First-My Last-My Everything. It was their song.
James slowly unbuttoned her blouse...while he began saying the words of Barry White's song to Mavis. "We got it together, didn't we? We definitely got our thing together, don't we? Isn't this nice?"
Mavis was letting him do anything he wanted...

James has just become a full professor and Mavis is enrolled in business classes. Readers peek in on their lives which is still in the honeymoon stage...

Until one day Mavis mentions having a child... James adamantly refuses to consider becoming a father.

I draw your attention to the strangely intriguing book cover at this point... We were told that Mavis had the wedding gown on when she returned to heaven, but who was the little girl off to the side behind the bride? With a bit of serendipity, I had to look twice...and...more... at the picture... You see, she looks very much like me when I was young! Of course, I was immediately curious to find out more! Who is the little girl who appears throughout the book? First in a picture that Mavis carried. Next inside a haunted mirror at an antique store. Then in a family picture... And then in person... She is Sophia and is waiting...

I was enchanted by the beautiful cover... I was amused at the confusion Mavis faced at 88 and arrives at heaven's gate in a wedding dress... And I was hooked as Mavis, without any knowledge, except intuition, works to solve the mystery of the little girl, who we learn is called Sophia... Even with clues along the way, I really was not prepared for what could be called a major traumatic ending...

This was my first book written by Mary Lynn Plaisance and my emotional responses were moving up and down continuously. Plaisance is a writer that is not afraid to fly her wings in her fantasies... In this book she's tackled death...and life... and gave her readers much to think about. Surely each of us has considered what we might believe happens, but this author pops up with options that are fun to watch as they happen, forces us to wonder about predestination, and in the end gives us a possible reality if there is a book of life for each of us... I found it intriguing, not quite believable, but a rare challenge to each of us as we look forward to where and how we might spend eternity...

Me? I was left wondering if Sophia was my great-great-grandmother! That's part of the options at death, to come back in the same family... LOL! Cool premise for a plot and the author carried the storyline through in a consistent, suspenseful manner that keeps readers interested... If you are open to exploring death and the hereafter, this is a fun read that I highly recommend.


Mary Lynn Hebert Plaisance was born in Mathews, La. and grew up in the true Cajun style of the 50's. She married Teddy Plaisance in 1964 and became the mother of 4 sons. Her interest was always in writing since she was 10 when she saw the bookmobile pass in front of her home. When her grown up sons left the home, she went back to her favorite hobbies, writing stories and sewing. In 1992, she had her first Sha Bebe cloth doll copyrighted. In 2004, she self-published her first fairy tale story book about her precious Cajun Sha Bebe Dolls who live in the sugar cane fields of Louisiana. Today she has 18 doll characters in her books and has 4 volumes in The Chronicles of Sha Bebe. All of her life she felt like she lived in a fairy tale. She sees no reason to end that fairy tale anytime soon.
--You've created a Cajun fairyland, much like Walt created a Disneyland. Your characters feel like a Disney scene set in the sugarcane fields. Mary Lynn, keep weaving the threads of your wonderful creativity into a tapestry of magical tales. The pen is your loom, the paper your wool. A MUST READ. It's not only a Louisiana story.
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