Monday, October 2, 2017

Guest Blogger, James Womack - The Big Planned Parenthood Lie

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Two weeks ago, I was shocked when I heard that the state of Tennessee passed a state law that prisoners can reduce their sentence if they allowed the state to sterilize them. I immediately flashed back to the numbers that Mrs. Alveda King presented to us at the last Pro Life convention.  I took the data and converted it to an algebraic equation.  

If you know three facts, you can find the unknown fact. If you recall, she stated that since 1973, 60 Million babies were aborted and 51 million were black.   Black women represent 8 percent of the American population but had 85% of the abortions.  Between 1973 and 2012, abortions reduced the black population from 34% to 12%.  I set that up in an algebraic equation to find the the answered to the the question below:   

If it took 73 years to eliminate 85%, how many years would it take to eliminate the remaining 15%? The algebraic equation looks like this:

 It took 73 Years to eliminate 85%                      X= How many years to eliminate 15%
              85%                                                                           15%

When you cross multiply, the answer algebraic answer, X equal 6.8 years.  

When you look at the prison population, black males represent 80% of the population. If states enact and promote sterilization, that procedure will eliminate the black males that escaped Planned Parenthood. The eugenics movement and Planned Parenthood will have achieved one hundred percent of their stated goal.  

Don’t forget! Sterilization is where Hitler began! 

Planned Parenthood co-opted a historical fact when there were no options and uses it to justify the existence of their organization.  In the 30s, 40s, and 50s, cotton pickers in Mississippi and other Jim Crow States had no medical insurance or access to doctors or hospitals.  When ill, they were either cured by grandma’s remedies or they died.  

When raped by Klan members, many of these these women opted to abort the baby.   98% of black females were raped by the plantation owners.  Margaret Sanger had trained black ministers to convince black pregnant women that it was better to abort their babies than to birth them into a world of poverty and hate.  Many of these women used coat hangers in back alley outhouses and toilets to abort their babies and some died in the process. This is a historical fact.   Planned Parenthood uses this historical fact to market their organization with the line that without Planned Parenthood, women would resort to back alley abortions.  That is a lie.  Today every woman in America has access to medical care, even refugees and illegals.   It is a gross misstatement of facts to say that if Planned Parenthood was closed, women would revert to back alley abortions.  When you hear this line in the news media, know that it is a gross misstatement of the history.

Your Brother In Christ,

James Womack
Author:  "Black Dad-White Dad"

PS:  This is another tool in your argument against abortions and the new trend to reduce prisoner's sentence if the United States sanction other states to sterilize educe prison sentences by sterilizing prisoners. 

Thank you so much James for sharing this article... I'll be asking some questions to learn more at Talkin'Bloggin on Facebook...Join us there to participate...

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