Friday, April 1, 2016

What's Happening At Book Readers Heaven This Fools' Day?

Like Mr. T's just another month--Fools! No, I'm not the type to pull pranks--it's unladylike you know. Besides, what could I say?

Seriously, I got to thinking about where this idea came you know? Sure, everybody knows:

Constantine and Kugel...Another explanation of the origins of April Fools' Day was provided by Joseph Boskin, a professor of history at Boston University. He explained that the practice began during the reign of Constantine, when a group of court jesters and fools told the Roman emperor that they could do a better job of running the empire. Constantine, amused, allowed a jester named Kugel to be king for one day. Kugel passed an edict calling for absurdity on that day, and the custom became an annual event.

"In a way," explained Prof. Boskin, "it was a very serious day. In those times fools were really wise men. It was the role of jesters to put things in perspective with humor."
This explanation was brought to the public's attention in an Associated Press article printed by many newspapers in 1983. There was only one catch: Boskin made the whole thing up. It took a couple of weeks for the AP to realize that they'd been victims of an April Fools' joke themselves.
Just goes to show that you can't believe anything you read in the paper...that's why I mostly read fiction...
So I goofed up last month, sharing my birthday poetry and other pretties, and I didn't take the time to thank everybody who visited last month... Soooo, here's to those who visited 25,184 times at one or both of my blogs in March! Do come back and spread the word to others! Except maybe today when people might think you're joking...

Soooo, it's been verified...Arthur is living with me and will be for the rest of my life... No, not a man! Arthritis!

So there I was getting down on my knees to grab a kitten who crawled under my bed...and I couldn't get back up...After many gyrations and determination which required my arms and knees to scream while I struggled up, I got up to face pain so bad that I had to get to the doctor and on to a specialist...It definitely is not an April Fool's joke to have your own body prank you! Hey, don't laugh, I look like this all the time! Do you like my hat? I wear it all the time day and night during the cold months!
What? Of course I'm reading! I'm reading a book right now that gives me shivers...spooky! But sooooo much more... Can't wait to get back to it, so will stop until the next time...I have to go to Physical Therapy and will be getting some shots in my knees, so really would appreciate good thoughts from all of you...I really would like Arthur to just calm down and leave me alone, you know?!
Keep visiting and say hello when you can! God Bless! Glenda

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