Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Adolph Caso Presents Photography and Poetry During National Poetry Month...

Adolfo recently wrote that he and Margaret were on their way home--you know, winter was over--only to be greeted with a snow storm! Beautiful pictures, but quite different from the warmth of Florida... It seems we are often on our way somewhere, not knowing what will actually be there when we get to that chosen place... This poem by Adolfo made me think of that constant state for many of us...

On My Way

Never the desire has left me
to get to you, oh God,
in these last thirty years
and some, of which so many
in darkness.
Are there more?
I should not ask the question
for night is yet my light
that fluctuates so distantly
though close to my heart:
too often,
it dimly disappears
So with the means--religion,
with all the man-made sinuousness
whose beauty and logic
have often brought me close to you
        remained distant
and dim...
I lay in thought of you
not knowing how much of it,
or the inner being,
is my feeling.

By Adolfo Caso

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