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Dorin Bujdei Presents Delightful Children's Story, The Adventures of The Fox Cub...

The author, Dorin Bujdei, whose work can be found at the Fine Art America site, has published his first children's book, with his own color illustrations, a beautiful contribution to this charming children's animal book... The book is well-written and the color pictures provides that wonderful opportunity for children to see who they are learning about and what the characters are involved in. Kudos to the author/illustrator!
Our main character is an adorable fox cub... quite friendly, even with other animals, which makes this even more delightful as we watch the cub make the choices that he makes. 

But the day when he meets Luna and Otto, who were lying in the woods trying to keep cool on a hot day, the fox cub was frightened. He had got separated from his mother and was lost.

Fortunately, after discussion the cub accepted the invitation from the dogs to go with them...

Suddenly, Otto exclaimed: - Look over there, on that rock! It’s a fox cub!
- Hey, little guy! Called out Luna. Why are you crying? What’s going on? The fox cub turned its head, looking towards the spot where he heard the voices coming from. 
On seeing Otto, he made himself even smaller than he already was, and started to shiver. - Hey, don’t be afraid, said the dog when they got closer.
We won’t harm you. Tell us, what’s the matter with you? Why are you crying? Seeing that there is no danger from the two dogs, the fox cub stopped shaking and told them:
- My mom… I lost my mom. I keep calling out for her and nothing. She won’t come. - And for how long have you been lost?
- Weeell... Let me think… It has been a day, then a night, then again a day and a night, and this day… - 
Yes, I see. You are too young and you don’t even know how to count. But I understood how long you’ve been alone for. All this time, have you eaten anything?
- I haven’t eaten anything since I lost my mom, and I’m very hungry...
- What can I say? answered Luna with a puzzled look. He’s very cute. And I also feel sorry for him. How do you think he will be received by those back at home? He is still a fox, even though just a cub.

And both dogs were thinking about the fox and the hen house!

The Adventures of the Fox Cub

By Dorin Bujdei

I like them so much
exclaimed the little fox!
Being the kind dogs that they were, they took the little fox cub home to the farm where they lived--he had to have something to eat! So he reluctantly agreed and patiently waited until Otto talked to the other farm critters about inviting him to stay. When they agreed, he followed the dogs, but stopped immediately near the little chicks!

Otto became nervous, wondering if he had made a mistake!
He even warned the little cub that they didn't eat chicken as food. But the little cub was upset that Otto even thought that so they went on to eat... And as time passed, everybody was becoming fond of the little cub. Why, even the mother hens noticed how gentle he was and told Otto that he took care of the chicks even better than the mothers and it allowed them to do their housecleaning... Even the cat chirped up that the fox had chased a mouse on a day when he hadn't felt like it... The cat added how fond he was of the tiny fox... and then he shared another time when he saw the fox and Otto became as calm as he could be...

- For the chicks? said Smokey. Yesterday I saw him gather the chicks to find some shade. What do you think he was shouting? “Come quickly, my baby chickens, to the shade with you, the sun is too hot!”

Now we all know that having that little fox cub living with domestic farm animals is going to change the future for the cub...but how? What will happen to the cub? I'm happy to report that the remainder of the story leading to the ending is wonderfully done and highly recommended for your children!


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